Talk to Data. See What it Says.

Explore your data just by asking questions.

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Chat with Your Data in 3 Simple Steps

Veezoo is a platform for data exploration so simple and powerful that you won't believe it.

1. Introduce Your Data

Be it an Excel file, CSV, SQL database... you name it! Veezoo connects to all your data and understands it, so you are ready to go.

2. Talk To Data

Ask your questions, say what you want to know. Veezoo will find the answers in the data for you. As easy as that!

3. See What It Says

Veezoo presents you a clean visualization of your answer. Not too much information, not too little - just the right amount.

Experience Veezoo

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Speaks Your Language

Speaks Your Language

No dropdown menus, no query language to learn, no video tutorials and workshops. Do you want to know how many of your customers that signed up three months ago used your app in the last week? Just ask. Veezoo learned your language, so you don't need to learn its.

Beautiful Visualizations

Humans are not good at understanding tables with numbers. Veezoo chooses the best visualization for you, so you can focus on what is important. No 3D pie charts, we promise.

Beautiful Visualizations
Deep Dive

Deep Dive

Veezoo even goes a step further. It remembers the questions you have asked before. So if you want to dig deeper on an answer, simply ask a follow up question as if you were talking to a person.

About us

Veezoo is a Zurich based startup founded in 2015. We have an international team consisting of highly skilled and motivated people with different backgrounds from e.g. ETH Zurich, Princeton University, Swiss National Bank.

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