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The Insurance Intelligence Engine

Insurance + Artificial Intelligence = Veezoo

Veezoo combines state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence technology with deep insurance know-how to enable client advisors to realize the potential in their book-of-business and sales managers to steer their team based on hard facts.

Our solution is based on three pillars:

Customer Intelligence

Identifies underserved clients to realize the potential in your book-of-business
Performance Intelligence

Detects issues in your team’s performance so you can steer them in the right direction
Insurance Knowledge Graph

A unified view of your insurance data to power Veezoo

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Customer Intelligence

The Right Opportunities at the Right Time

for the Right Reasons

Veezoo’s Customer Intelligence module is designed based on the needs of client advisors to proactively provide a better service to their clients and strengthen their relationship.
Veezoo automatically identifies the best opportunities in your portfolio to help reach your KPIs, finds underserved clients for cross-selling and alerts you about those with a high risk of churning. Veezoo empowers you to easily find customers to contact based on their profile, risk coverage and location.
With Veezoo’s Customer Intelligence, client advisors can build a closer relationship to their clients by being always one step ahead of their needs.
  • Guided Customer Selection

    Simply ask in natural language to find the customers you are looking for.

  • Cross-Selling and Churn Reduction using AI

    Veezoo uses AI models to automatically uncover the right opportunities you would have missed.

  • Share Customer Selections

    Centralized organization? Push customer selections from the headquarters.

  • Customers of the Day

    The 5 most promising customers to contact each day, intelligently selected for you.

  • Reasons to Contact

    Birthday today? Expiring policy? Successful claim? Always have clear reasons why you should contact a customer.

  • Route Planning with Veezoo Maps

    Meeting next week in the city? Find other nearby customers and plan your route with Veezoo Maps.

Performance Intelligence

Steer Your Sales Team Based on Facts

Sales managers need a solution that allows them to detect issues in their team’s performance early enough so that they can correct the direction of the business. Are client advisors too dependent on giving out discounts? Are they relying too much on intermediaries? Are they advising their clients enough face-to-face?
Veezoo’s Performance Intelligence module alerts sales managers on these common issues in the insurance business like no standard BI solution ever could. Veezoo empowers them to dive deep into the performance of every client advisor and define ad-hoc targets and competitions to steer them in the right direction.
  • One Step to Information

    Simply ask in natural language to get a thorough view into your team’s performance.

  • Performance Boards

    Track your team’s performance in a glance using shared or custom-made Performance Boards.

  • Performance DeepDive

    Dive deep into the reasons why your client advisor is not performing and how to improve.

  • Individual Targets & Competitions

    Set and track individual ad-hoc targets for your client advisor and competitions for your whole team.

Versicherung Knowledge Graph

Insurance Knowledge Graph

One View Over All Your Insurance Data

  • Semantic Layer

    Bridges the gap between your business language and the technical data model, creating a shared understanding across the organization.

  • Data Virtualization

    Unify your view of data across different sources without copying them or creating new silos.

  • Insurance Ontology

    No need to create your company’s ontology from scratch – Veezoo links your data to dozens of concepts and functions already known.

  • Knowledge Graph IDE

    An interface that allows your IT team to manage the data that Veezoo has access to.

Data Integration

Connect to your company’s databases, leveraging your existing infrastructure.
  • Connectors

    Compatible with most software solutions, including SAP, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Salesforce and Hadoop.

  • Deployment

    Integrates into your existing databases in the cloud or on-premise without copying your data.

  • Cost Effective

    Leverages your existing infrastructure with no need for extra appliances.

Enterprise-Grade Security

Control the access to your data and keep it safely where it belongs.
  • Access Control

    Use your existing authorization and authentication schemes to manage data access on a user or group level and enable single sign-on.

  • On-Premise Data Management

    Client data remains on-premise with no data copying needed, but can be kept securely on the cloud if required.