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Conversational Intelligence Engine

Conversational experience engineered for easy use and agility,
delivering fast and accurate answers.
  • Natural Language Processing

    State-of-the-art conversational technology, which learns and speaks your company’s language.

  • Polyglot

    Speaks fluent English and German – currently learning other languages.

  • Voice and Text

    Type or talk your questions into an user-friendly interface.

  • DeepDive

    Drill-down across any data dimension by simply asking a follow-up question or interacting with the visualizations.

  • Collective Intelligence

    Smart question recommendations based on questions asked within your organization.

  • Autocomplete

    Live spell correction and autocomplete of questions so you get answers faster.

  • Explainable Artificial Intelligence

    Understand how answers are calculated so you can verify and trust results.

  • Continuous Learning

    Veezoo learns to give better answers with each interaction.

Knowledge Graph

The knowledge of your company in one place, understandable for everyone.
  • Semantic Layer

    Bridges the gap between your business language and the technical data model, creating a shared understanding across the organization.

  • Data Virtualization

    Unify your view of data across different sources without copying them or creating new silos.

  • Base Ontology

    No need to create your company’s ontology from scratch – Veezoo can link your data to dozens of concepts and functions already known.

  • Knowledge Discovery

    Find out which data your company has available (and which not) by exploring the Knowledge Graph.

Visualization Engine

Veezoo intelligently chooses the right visualization, so you can focus on what matters: the answers to your questions.
  • Smart Charts

    Chooses autonomously the best-fitting visualization for your question.

  • Chart Customization

    Switch between charts, customizing them instantly.

  • Dashboards

    Save your favorite questions to your dashboard and see updated answers live.

  • Maps

    Visualize data by country or region, using dozens of maps.

  • Raw Data

    Switch between chart and raw data at any time.

  • Export

    Save and export charts for presentations and reports.

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Data Integration

Connect to your company’s databases, leveraging your existing infrastructure.
  • Connectors

    Compatible with most software solutions, including SAP, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Salesforce and Hadoop.

  • Deployment

    Integrates into your existing databases in the cloud or on-premise without copying your data.

  • Cost Effective

    Leverages your existing infrastructure with no need for extra appliances.

Enterprise-Grade Security

Control the access to your data and keep it safely where it belongs.
  • Access Control

    Use your existing authorization and authentication schemes to manage data access on a user or group level and enable single sign-on.

  • On-Premise Data Management

    Client data remains on-premise with no data copying needed, but can be kept securely on the cloud if required.


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Ask Veezoo questions with our live demo to experience
just how intuitive data visualization can be
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