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Use Cases

What our clients say

Any industry, organization or function can benefit from using Veezoo to better understand and visualize data. Fortune 500 companies and some of the largest insurance and financial service providers are already making better, data-driven decisions with Veezoo.

Insurance Providers

Veezoo and AXA are working together to make the information hidden in the company’s data easily understandable.
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Financial Services

Veezoo is working with SIX to better meet the needs of their customers including some of the biggest banks.
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“With Veezoo, we are exploring ways of making it possible for employees to access complex data in a straightforward way, and this allows us to engage intensively with the topic of machine learning on a real-life basis.”

Ivo Streiff

Head Innovation Management
at AXA Winterthur

“Veezoo is a game-changer. They have shown us how their innovative technology can have a direct impact in our core business by making access to data incredibly easy for anyone.”

Markus Graf

Head Innovation Management
at F10, SIX

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