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Financial Services

Optimizing Processes and Driving Digitization Internally

SIX is continually finding better ways to meet the needs of their customers including some of the biggest banks. They need better information to optimize financial controlling processes and sales.
Veezoo started working with SIX as part of a hackathon, later joining the SIX F10 accelerator. They completed three Proof of Concepts, helping the company to innovate in payment services and in financial controlling.

Conversational AI

With Veezoo’s flexible conversational technology, several problems could be solved with the same solution. Finance teams could use the tool without any training to quickly answer questions. Veezoo guides users through the most relevant figures in the data, learning from the behaviour of users.

Questions Asked

  • How much money did we spend with travel expenses this month?
  • What was our total opex deviation for our divisions in german-speaking countries?
  • How many transactions were done in Hotels in St. Moritz on rainy days compared to sunny days?

“Veezoo is a game-changer. They have shown us how their innovative technology can have a direct impact in our core business by making access to data incredibly easy for anyone.”

Markus Graf

F10, SIX

A Leading Provider of Financial Infrastructure

SIX operates the infrastructure underpinning the Swiss financial sector and offers a comprehensive range of services around the world in the fields of securities trading and settlement, financial information and payment transactions. SIX is present in 25 countries throughout the world. The company is owned by its users, approximately 130 banks.

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