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About Us


Our mission is to enable people to take better decisions by empowering them
with the exact information that they need, at the precise moment when they need it.
We create a powerful software that combines valuable data with
sophisticated algorithms and a seamless user experience.


Marcos Monteiro

Co-Founder & CEO

João Pedro Monteiro

Co-Founder & CTO

Till Haug

Co-Founder & COO

Investors and Advisors

Thomas Dübendorfer

Dr. Thomas Dübendorfer


Magda Tarasinska

Magda Tarasínska

Board Member

Bolko Hohaus Veezoo

Dr. Bolko Hohaus


Vincent Bieri


Partners and Awards

Kickstart Accelerator

Our Story

It all started with the solar eclipse of the 20th of March 2015. This rare phenomenon changed our decisions and gave rise to the idea of Veezoo. Within less than 24 hours we had the very first prototype of Veezoo. A few months later, one of the largest financial service providers in Switzerland invested in the initial development of Veezoo.
The vision was clear from the beginning. Improving the access to information was the main driver of progress during history: from the printing press to the telephone and the internet. We have reached the point where information is more valuable than energy, data is the new oil. Yet, corporates are still far from leveraging all the value that data has to offer. There needs to be a solution for that. Veezoo.
From that moment on, it was all about aligning the important factors towards success, just like the sun aligned with the earth on day zero. Angel investors that support the vision. A selected team that is able to realise it with A-grade quality. Initial corporate clients with the drive to innovate. A market that needs Veezoo to fulfill their needs. Finally, the fuel to boost our growth and to become the definitive solution for corporates, on a global scale.
That’s the story that we are writing. Let’s write it together.