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Simply Ask.

Artificial intelligence that understands your data and simply gets you
the answer you need in seconds, just like a conversation.
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What is Veezoo?

Veezoo is the first conversational artificial intelligence solution
to analyze and visualize company data in seconds.
  • Just type or speak your questions to get answers
  • Get charts autonomously generated by Veezoo
  • Unify your data sources with the Knowledge Graph
  • Control the access to your data, keeping it safely where it belongs
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Ask Veezoo questions with our live demo to experience
just how intuitive getting insights from data can be.
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Who uses Veezoo?

Any business can use Veezoo to drive digital transformation,
reduce costs and increase revenue.


  • Identify customer needs and discover cross-selling opportunities
  • Track sales across databases, sales reps, regions, products
  • Share metrics and identify gaps to increase sales productivity
  • Quickly develop and update visuals for sales reporting in real time
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  • Improve customer experience with better client and channel data
  • Deliver more targeted and cost effective campaigns
  • Identify new customer segments and products
  • Understand new product performance to increase revenue
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Finance managers

  • Use company logic and models to analyze data across sources
  • Get answers in seconds for reporting and monitor performance
  • Quickly develop, update and export data, visuals and dashboards
  • Easily access raw data to understand answers and reduce costs
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Business development

  • Get an instant overview of performance to identify growth
  • Reduce reporting pile ups and costs with more time for strategy
  • Easily drill down into data across sources to find new insights
  • Better manage data for integration processes and projects
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  • Drive digital transformation and accelerate innovation and growth
  • Optimize processes and optimize strategy rollout across functions
  • Move faster working with an agile start-up to streamline processes
  • Experiment easily and quickly with an easy to implement PoC
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Why Veezoo?

Data-driven decisions can only happen if you have fast and intuitive access to data.
What is more intuitive than asking questions?


  • Answers in seconds instead of days

  • No more waiting for reports

  • No time wasted looking for the right data source or creating charts

Radically Easy

  • Talk or type just like a conversation

  • No training or technical knowledge needed

  • Clear visualizations with auditable results


  • Speaks fluent English and German – currently learning other languages

  • Guides you through the data, recommending questions to ask


  • Keep data securely on site without creating new silos

  • Use existing authorization and authentication schemes

How easy is Veezoo really?

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How to start using Veezoo?

Experience Veezoo’s Conversational Intelligence on your own data by requesting a Proof of Concept (PoC). Installation can be done in under four weeks and is less resource intensive than competing solutions. Users can quickly start using the tool without any technical training. Only a server and no other additional appliances are required.
Once you are convinced of the value Veezoo brings to your company, a full roll-out can be quickly done. Clients pay a license subscription based on the number of users, adding data cost effectively.
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What do our clients say?

“Veezoo is a game-changer. They have shown us how their innovative technology can have a direct impact in our core business by making access to data incredibly easy for anyone.”

Markus Graf

Head Innovation Management
at F10, SIX

“With Veezoo, we are exploring ways of making it possible for employees to access complex data in a straightforward way, and this allows us to engage intensively with the topic of machine learning on a real-life basis.”

Ivo Streiff

Head Innovation Management
at AXA Winterthur

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Ask Veezoo questions with our live demo to experience
just how intuitive getting insights from data can be.
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