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A virtual assistant that understands the data of your company.

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Veezoo ❤️ Data

Veezoo learns all information contained in your Enterprise Data.

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Democratizing Access to Company Data

Before Veezoo, only those gifted with technical skills could interface with company data effectively. Others were either completely dependent on them, needing to spend time and money to get answers. Or worse: they needed to make decisions based on guesses rather than data.

Veezoo lets you stop guessing and gets you hard facts. Everyone from the intern to the CEO can now make better, data-driven decisions.

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Veezoo is the first conversational Artificial Intelligence to explore and visualize data.

Getting answers from data should be simple, fast, and understandable.

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What our customers love the most

  • Replaces the burden of financial reporting with something intuitive and enjoyable to use

  • Learns from all the questions asked by everyone in the company

  • Understands what is happening in the data and guides you through the most relevant figures

  • Keeps your valuable data completely on-premise to ensure complete confidentiality


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