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Our flexible, ChatGPT-like interface makes getting answers from data intuitive for everyone – simply by asking questions in plain English.

Self-Service Analytics Requires Self-Service Dashboards

Forget everything you know about dashboards. Create powerful dashboards faster than you can say ‘dashboards are dead’.

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Make Your Data Speak the Language of Your Business

Empower your business users to discover and understand the data that matters to generate insights that drive business value.

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Our user-friendly platform consistently outperforms the competition in key usability factors, such as ease of use, speed, and accuracy of results.

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Millions of questions have been answered by Veezoo which otherwise would remain unanswered.

Every day thousands of Veezoo users are discovering new insights from data by themselves. This is true self-service.

I am absolutely impressed with Veezoo’s interface – it’s clean and easy to navigate. The core chat feature is fantastic, and the ability to guide our team with pre-defined queries and questions within the chat is incredibly helpful. I felt at home within just a few seconds of using the platform. I highly recommend Veezoo for its simplicity and user-friendly design, making it my top choice for Self-Service Analytics.

Christian Hauth
air up, CEO

When you want to capture the last percentage of revenue potential of a sales outlet, a standard dashboard is just not enough. We need the flexibility to look at the data and ask questions never asked before. Now I don’t need to think if a question is worth asking to the controlling team. I just ask Veezoo. I use Veezoo on a daily basis and do not want to miss it anymore!

Monika Zander
Valora Group, Managing Director Food Service Switzerland

Thanks to Veezoo’s conversational solution, our sales partners can quickly and easily find the answers to their many questions – enabling them to serve their customers even more efficiently and effectively.

Martin Studer
AXA, Head of Distribution Transformation and Controlling


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