Targeted and Effective Marketing Campaigns at Baloise Insurance

The insurance company Baloise relies on Veezoo to support its Marketing efforts across all general agencies. Veezoo empowers sales and marketing employees to create targeted, effective marketing campaigns in a simple and flexible manner.

Baloise Insurance

Bâloise Holding AG is a Swiss insurance holding company headquartered in Basel. The company employs around 8000 employees across Europe and is the third-largest Swiss all-industry insurance service provider for individuals and businesses.


At Baloise there is a development towards more targeted and need-oriented customer campaigns. At the same time the possibility to systematically identify cross- and up-selling potential on a regional level is missing. A general agency with an idea for a specific customer campaign depends on other teams to build its target audience. Sales promoters at Baloise lacked a solution to create highly flexible customer selections and portfolio analyses, while being extremely easy to use by non-technical users.

It was important to me to give our sales promoters a tool that enables them to develop ideas for needs-based campaigns for our customers. With Veezoo, they can make even complex queries down to contract level easily and quickly and validate ideas.

Patrick Schmutz
Baloise Switzerland, Head of Regional Marketing Distribution

Why Veezoo

Baloise recognized early on the importance of becoming a data-driven company.

As Veezoo is built up from the ground focused on complete user autonomy through its extremely easy-to-use natural language interface, Baloise decided to partner with Veezoo and offer the solution to all its general agencies. Now, with Veezoo, general agencies at Baloise can analyse their customer portfolio, identify customer needs and take quick and important data-driven decisions. And all of this by just asking questions in plain German and French.

With Veezoo, we enable users without prior analytics knowledge to quickly and easily set up fact-based marketing campaigns & sales activities as well as visualised customer 360° analyses.

Anna Arcillon
Baloise Switzerland, Data Analytics & Market Insights

Example Questions

Baloise Switzerland uses Veezoo in German and French to answer questions such as:

  • With which customers with no BaloiseDirect Household between 20 and 30 didn't we have a physical meeting in the last 2 years?
  • Show me all German speaking customers of the General Agency Bern with our SME-Combo product with no legal protection coverage.
  • How many customers does each general agency have with a premium above 2000 and a car insurance?

Business Impact

Veezoo allows users to easily create tailored customer campaigns, leading to more and better targeted campaigns. As a result, customers receive highly relevant offers, leading to an increase in the Cross- & Up-Selling rate. Furthermore, Veezoo empowers the sales force organisation to take fact-based decisions without needing to involve other teams for the majority of their questions.

Lower costs of answering questions, more questions being asked, better decisions being made with data. That is the path Baloise took with Veezoo to become a more data-driven company.




Basel, Switzerland




7'900 employees




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