Get Set-up In Minutes, Not Days

Veezoo connects to your database in minutes with minimal maintenance.

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Connect to Any SQL Database in Just a Few Clicks

Veezoo works with any SQL database – from databases like MySQL and PostgreSQL to modern cloud data warehouses like Snowflake, Google BigQuery and Microsoft Synapse.

Get Set-up In Seconds, not Days

Connect Veezoo to your database in just a few clicks and it will automatically create a semantic model of your data that you can work with.

Understand your Database from the Get Go with our 1-Click Knowledge Graph

Easily create an initial Knowledge Graph, mapping your data points in just one click, using our existing ontologies from domains like Sales, Project Management, Insurance, Banking and more.

Code Completion and Built-In Documentation for Smooth Development

Developer experience is king for us at Veezoo. With Veezoo Studio, you get smart code completion and documentation to create and maintain your semantic layer.

Veezoo studio

Keep your Knowledge Graph Version-Controlled with Git

Veezoo Studio brings the best practices from Software Engineering to data modeling, so you can have complete control and transparency over your Knowledge Graph


Curiosity drives growth

Democratize access to data and empower curiosity with Veezoo!