Veezoo for Sales Team Management

Increase your sales, detect performance issues early and empower your organization with fact-based decision making

Leading companies and advertisers make data-driven decisions with Veezoo!

Empowering Sales Teams

Identify New Sales & Upsell Opportunities

  • Find Cross- & Upsell Recommendations

  • Proactive Sales Steering and Management

  • Tailored Customer Outreach Campaigns


Increase Efficiency of Sales Teams

  • Reduce Data Analyst Workload

  • Increase Data Access for Sales Teams

  • Real-Time Answers to Pressing Questions

Reduce Cancelations and Customer Churn

  • Identify Critical Churn Signals

  • Improve Client Relationships & Satisfaction

  • Increase Meeting Quantity & Quality

What do our users say?

“By providing our sales force with an easy and fast way to access the data with Veezoo, they benefit from a professional and efficient support in their daily work.”

“We were impressed by the speed at which data is acquired, by the support this provides for data-driven decisions and by the efficiency gains made.”

“Fast and user-friendly. All important information available, TOP management and sales instrument. We could not work without it anymore”

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Empower Your Sales Teams to Hit Their Numbers

See what increased efficiency and data-driven insights can do for your sales team.