Self-Service Analytics Requires Self-Service Dashboards

Forget everything you know about dashboards. Create powerful dashboards faster than you can say ‘dashboards are dead’.

Veezoo's dashboards

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Create Flexible Dashboards

It has Never Been Easier to Create Flexible Dashboards

Now, every business user can create trusted, personalized dashboards, by saving their recurring questions with the click of a button.

Drill-down to Reveal Hidden Insights

With Veezoo, you don’t need to pre-define static filters for your dashboard. Want to filter only for New York City? Break it down by category? Just ask.

Drill down to insights
Customize your dashboard

Customize your Dashboard to Tell Your Story

Pick and choose between various types of visualizations, and sizes to tell your story just the way you want to.

Complete Control Over Who Gets to See What

Share your dashboards with specific colleagues or whole teams. Or simply keep them for yourself.

Complete sharing and access control


Curiosity drives growth

Democratize access to data and empower curiosity with Veezoo!