About Veezoo

Veezoo was founded in 2016 with the mission to empower every employee to take data-driven decisions. Over the last eight years Veezoo has been at the forefront of data democratization, building the leading AI-powered Self-Service Analytics solution, using the most advanced AI & Knowledge Graph technologies.

This is our Story

Veezoo started in 2016 as a Spin-off from ETH Zurich, a top computer science university, where the founders had been doing research in Language Models, Question Answering Systems and Knowledge Graphs.

We asked ourselves: “In 20 years from now, how will we get the information we need for our daily work?“. The answer was clear: by just asking an intelligent system.

However, as we looked around, we found ourselves in the middle of complicated drag-and-drop solutions, clunky user interfaces and confused users. The world of data had evolved in many ways, but users were still relying on the same kind of interfaces designed in the 90s and early 2000s. Business Intelligence was surprisingly dumb. Where were the intelligent systems that would help us in our decisions?

So we decided to build one.

An analytics system that puts the user in the center and provides an experience indistinguishable from magic. An analytics system that speaks your language, so you don’t need to learn how to speak its language. An analytics system that understands your domain, your data, your questions and provides you with answers in the most understandable way.

And most importantly, a system that provides you with answers that you can trust.

Fast forward eight years, and our efforts have paid off.

Thousands of users across the globe now use Veezoo, asking millions of questions and getting reliable answers. We’re proud to serve a wide range of customers, including big names in the Fortune 500 and innovative startups across industries.

The Veezoo product is made possible thanks to our team, made up of AI specialists and data experts, who are passionate about pushing the boundaries on how we interact with data.

This dedication has led Veezoo to become the leading provider of a ChatGPT-like Self-Service analytics solution that enables everyone to get trusted insights from their data – regardless of their technical background.

Our Founders

Marcos Monteiro (CEO) · Till Haug (COO) · João Pedro Monteiro (CTO)


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