Data Democratization requires insights you can trust

Empower everyone to make decisions you can rely on to move towards data literacy at scale.

Reliability and accuracy

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Veezoo accurate insights

Smarter Decision-Making Needs the Most Accurate Insights

Veezoo enables you to crunch data with precision and the highest levels of accuracy, without compromising on ease-of-use – no need for complex questions or syntax.

Lay the Foundation for Data Literacy by Promoting a Shared Language

Veezoo promotes a shared language and data literacy at scale by bringing data definitions to where they matter most: where business users analyze data.

Veezoo data literacy and shared language

Ambiguous Questions? Veezoo’s Got Your Back

Natural language can be ambiguous, Veezoo helps you formulate questions and resolve ambiguities to get you the answers you’re looking for.

Discover How to Make Your Data Work For You With our Knowledge Graph

Empower your business users to discover and understand the data that matters to generate insights that drive business value.

Veezoo smart decision making
Understanding business logic

Veezoo Understands Your Business Logic

Veezoo was designed first and foremost to understand how humans ask questions; it can be configured precisely to understand all the intricacies of business logic, ensuring that you get results you can trust. 100%.

What if Your Data Source is Wrong?

When there is a glitch in your system and business users notice it before the data team, they can directly send feedback to the data team with a click of a button, so that users don’t lose trust in the data.

Data source feedback option


Curiosity drives growth

Democratize access to data and empower curiosity with Veezoo!