Make Your Data Speak the Language of Your Business

Automate your English-to-SQL translation work and let users self-serve.

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The Most Powerful & Human Q&A Experience on the Market

By modeling your data semantically with VKL and our ontologies, you automatically get synonyms, more specialized charts, better question recommendations and pre-defined functions.

Get Set-up In Seconds, not Days

Connect Veezoo to your database in just a few clicks and it will automatically create a semantic model of your data that you can work with.

Version controlled code

Your Analytics Logic Manageable as Version-Controlled Code

All your metrics, dimensions and business logic is defined as code, keeping it version-controlled with Git, making it more streamlined and easy to manage.

Easily Model the Semantics of your Data with the SQL-based Veezoo Knowledge Language (VKL)

VKL is the most advanced data modeling language for semantics, allowing you to define semantic types, use ontologies, add synonyms, model inheritance, relationships, hierarchies and much more, enabling the most accurate and natural Q&A experience.

Consistent Definitions without CTRL-C / CTRL-V

With VKL, you can define your metrics once and reuse it to compose new higher-level definitions, creating a shared, consistent understanding of your business company-wide.

Easy Metrics Definitions Using Natural Language

Use natural language to define dimensions and metrics instead of writing VKL from scratch, helping shorten the time to insights and get you up to speed with VKL.

No Data Copying. No Silos.

The Veezoo Knowledge Graph is a semantic layer that enables Veezoo to know where to find the information in your database and query for it directly using SQL.

Code Completion and Built-In Documentation for Smooth Development

Developer Experience is king for us at Veezoo. With Veezoo Studio, you get smart code completion and documentation to create and maintain your semantic layer.

Veezoo studio


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Democratize access to data and empower curiosity with Veezoo!