How is Veezoo different from ChatGPT?

Purpose-Built Self-Service Analytics Solution vs. General Large Language Model (LLM).

  • Governance & Semantic Layer

    Veezoo has a powerful and robust Semantic Layer that eliminates the hallucination problem found in Language Models like GPT. When querying business critical KPIs such as revenue or profit, you can be assured that Veezoo calculates them precisely as per your exact definition. If you’re asking about customers, for example, and want by default to show only the active ones, Veezoo will respect your custom business logic every time.

  • Security 

    Prioritizing security, Veezoo has built-in features to manage complex business logic, authorization, and authentication. It supports password-less login through Single Sign-On, coupled with detailed permission management, enabling fine granular control over what different users can see. Dataset, Row & Column-level security are all part of the package.  In contrast, GPT can be prone to “Prompt Injection” attacks and lacks guarantees for enforcing security rules.

  • User Interface & User Experience

    The user interface of Veezoo is purpose-built for the best possible Self-Service Analytics experience. Veezoo guides users in their exploration with features such as Autocomplete, Disambiguation, Question Suggestions and more. Furthermore Veezoo offers the most flexible Dashboards possible and has powerful Collaboration & Sharing functionalities.

  • Deep Data Understanding and Business-Specific Entities

    Veezoo is built with a deep understanding of data structures and can handle complex data relationships. It understands entities specific to your software and users, such as customers, deals, and products, enabling it to answer business-specific questions. In contrast, GPT, being a general NLP model, lacks this level of data understanding and can’t answer questions about your specific entities. This means that it will not be able to answer simple questions such as “Show me deals from John Doe”.

  • Speed

    Veezoo is optimized for fast and efficient data analysis, delivering near-instant responses to user queries, which is central to a user-friendly NLQ experience. ChatGPT, due to its general architecture and computational requirements, may have long waiting times for processing and generating responses, impacting the speed and responsiveness of data exploration.

  • Scalability & Maintenance

    Veezoo is designed to scale with the growing needs of businesses and offers powerful tools for the data team. Get complete transparency on what questions are being asked, what SQL statements are being generated and executed against your data warehouse with extensive audit logs.

  • Data Sovereignty

    Unlike ChatGPT, Veezoo can be run entirely in your private cloud, ensuring that no sensitive data is shared with an external provider. This is a crucial feature when dealing with sensitive business data.


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