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per month

Incl. 20 users + USD 20/user/month

  • Unlimited Questions

  • Unlimited Dashboards

  • Unlimited Rows Queryable

  • Semantic Modelling

  • 20+ Visualizations Available

  • Mobile support

  • Community Support

  • Fully managed Cloud

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per month

Incl. 50 users + USD 30/user/month

  • Everything from Veezoo Starter

  • Create Development Branches

  • Create and manage user roles

  • Audit Logs & Analytics Observability

  • Veezoo in your company colours

  • Column Level Security

  • Training and Onboarding Sessions

  • Premium Support

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per year

Incl. user package, per-user varies

  • Single Sign-On (SSO) via SAML
  • Column- & Row-Level Security

  • Embedded Analytics

  • Smart Actions and Workflows

  • Multi-language support

  • Custom SLA & Professional Services

  • Veezoo API

  • Hosted in Veezoo Cloud or by yourself

*Features within the Enterprise package can be customized based on your unique needs and are not automatically included.

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Leading AI-powered Self-Service Analytics
Ask questions in Natural Language
Use Conversational AI to ask follow-up questions and drill-down
Get autocomplete support for formulating questions
Recognizes when users are asking about ungoverned terms
Generative AI powered suggestions for resolving ungoverned terms
No hallucination of any of your KPIs, business- or authorization logic
Get precise explanations of the shown answers
Ask questions about data values, not just columns
Leverage built-in complex functions & dynamic measures
Ask questions about whole dashboards without hardcoding filters or breakdown options
Get smart question suggestions, also for follow-ups
Define Measures & Concepts using Natural Language
Get individualized autocomplete suggestions based on prior usage
Modify answers precisely via point-and-click
Support for English, German, French, Italian & Portuguese
Smart detection & resolution of ambiguities
Multi-language support per Knowledge Graph
Execute custom Smart Actions and Workflows
Semantic Modelling
Have consistent organization-wide metrics and definitions
Define default behaviour when asking about concepts
Define governed synonyms and descriptions for concepts (and even data values)
Native support for hierarchy- and custom-order concepts
Native support for subclasses (e.g. Employee is a subclass of Person)
Native support for date intervals and transitions
Leverage built-in ontologies
Define dynamic URLs for Concepts (e.g. CRM jump)
Model custom business logic to control the query generation
Define your own custom SQL functions and leverage UDFs
Support complex data models (multi-fact data, star, galaxy schema, SCD Type 2, etc.)
Autogenerate highly optimized SQL queries
Build relationships between concepts using multiple join types
Create views using SQL
Have different metrics implementations based on user roles
Knowledge Graph Management & Data Team Experience
Autogenerate Knowledge Graph from your data
Manage your Knowledge Graph in code using Veezoo Studio
Schedule synchronization of database values with semantic model
Version controlled semantic modelling
Create Development Branches in Veezoo Studio
Evolve boards and saved answers gracefully on semantic model change
Automatically run tests checking if changes break self-serve dashboards
Connect Veezoo to your own .git repository
Audit Logs & Analytics Observability
Analyze usage information down to every login and question asked
Monitor adoption of the solution throughout the organization
See feedback given by users to answers
Understand what unknown terms users have been asking
Analyze Veezoo & SQL Query Performance
View executed queries
User Onboarding: Navigational and Customization Features
Custom introduction texts & buttons
Create interactive "What can I ask?" section
Custom support button
Define custom question suggestions
Veezoo in your company colours
20+ Visualizations available
Save any chart in your own dashboard
Lay out your dashboard with flexbility
Auto-updating charts with latest data
Drill-down visualizations
Automatically select best-fitting visualizations for answer
Custom map visualizations
Sharing and Exporting
Export answers as .pdf, .png, .jpeg, .svg
Export to Excel
Export chat conversation as .pdf
Export dashboards as .pdf
Share answers via URL
Group dashboards in folders
Share dashboards with users
Share dashboards with roles
Share dashboards with organization
Subscribe to dashboards
Manage shared dashboards using code
Data Sources and Integrations
Direct live queries to your data warehouse without creating siloes
Support for Google Big Query
Support for ClickHouse
Support for Databricks
Support for Exasol
Support for IBM DB2
Support for Microsoft Synapse
Support for Microsoft SQL Server
Support for MySQL
Support for AWS Athena
Support for AWS Redshift
Support for Oracle
Support for PostgreSQL
Support for SAP HANA
Support for Snowflake
Support for Trino
Support for Starburst
Support for Presto
CSV / Excel Upload
dbt integration
Slack integration
Veezoo API
SOC 2 Type 2*
* audit in progress
GDPR Compliance
Define custom user roles
Model custom role-based business logic
Column-level Security
Row-level Security
Database-managed row-level permissions
IP Whitelisting
SSH Tunnelling
Single Sign-On via SAML (Okta, Azure, etc.)
SSO permission mapping
Fully managed cloud
Automated Updates and Backups
Private deployment on AWS, GCP or Azure using Kubernetes or OpenShift
Custom Domain
Use Veezoo on your mobile devices
Embedded Analytics
Integrate Veezoo whitelabeled in your software or portal
Unlimited Multi-Tenant Support
Authenticate & Authorize via JWT
Manage shared dashboards for tenants using code
Support secure access when tenant data is in different databases or schemas
Support secure access when tenant data is in same table (via row-level security)
Support & Implementation
Support Community Slack Group Private Slack Channel Custom SLA
Response time 3 business days 1 business day Custom SLA
Training and Onboarding Sessions
Custom Professional Services
Dedicated Account Manager
Usage Limits
Includes users 20 50 Custom
Max number of users 50 100 Custom
Max number of roles 1 5 Custom
Max number of Knowledge Graphs 3 5 Custom
Max number of rows in Excel export 25000 100000 Custom

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any documentation for data teams for using Veezoo?2021-10-20T15:22:28+02:00

Yes. All documentation, including customizing your organization’s Knowledge Graph and mastering Veezoo’s easy-to-use semantic modeling language (VKL) can be found here:


Can my co-workers join my Veezoo setup?2021-10-15T13:47:14+02:00

Absolutely. You can invite more users over the User Management found in the Settings.

Where does your SaaS solution run?2021-07-29T09:27:22+02:00

The Veezoo cloud is located in Frankfurt, Germany.

What methods of payment are accepted?2021-07-29T09:24:20+02:00

You can pay by credit card or Invoice.

Can I cancel anytime?2021-07-29T09:24:20+02:00

Plans can be cancelled at any time. A cancelled plan will not be renewed at the next renewal date.

Can I upgrade or downgrade later?2021-07-29T09:24:20+02:00

You can upgrade or downgrade anytime on a monthly plan. Annual plans cannot be downgraded until the end of the billing term but can be upgraded anytime.

Do you offer services to set-up Veezoo on my data?2021-07-29T09:26:16+02:00

Yes. Please reach out to us if you need assistance.

What if I have more questions?2021-07-29T09:28:46+02:00

We are happy to answer your further questions per mail.

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