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20% discount




For up to 5 users


  • Ask unlimited questions

  • Create and share unlimited dashboards

  • 20+ Visualizations Available

  • 1 Knowledge Graph

  • Community Support

  • Automated Updates and Backups

  • Hosted in Veezoo Cloud








Minimum 5 users, USD/user/month

  • Ask unlimited questions

  • Create and share unlimited dashboards

  • 20+ Visualizations Available

  • Up to 3 Knowledge Graphs

  • Standard Support

  • Automated Updates and Backups

  • Hosted in Veezoo Cloud


Additionally to features from Professional*:

  • Single Sign-On (SSO) via SAML
  • Restrict access through IP-Whitelisting

  • Create and manage user-roles

  • Priority SLA
  • Dedicated on-boarding
  • Hosted in Veezoo Cloud or by yourself
  • Veezoo understands multiple languages (English, German, French & Italian).

*Features within the Enterprise package can be customized based on your unique needs and are not automatically included.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between an Explorer and a Creator?2021-10-20T14:29:21+02:00

Explorers and Creators are user types. Every organization has at least one Creator. Explorers can view and interact with dashboards and ask unlimited questions. Creators can do everything Explorers can. Furthermore they can create and share dashboards, and optionally administer and configure Veezoo.

Is there any documentation for data teams for using Veezoo?2021-10-20T15:22:28+02:00

Yes. All documentation, including customizing your organization’s Knowledge Graph and mastering Veezoo’s easy-to-use semantic modeling language (VKL) can be found here:


Can my co-workers join my Veezoo setup?2021-10-15T13:47:14+02:00

Absolutely. You can invite more users over the User Management found in the Settings.

Will my data be secure?2021-07-29T09:27:59+02:00

Protecting your business data is one of our highest priorities. Data is always encrypted when it is sent over the public Internet. Your database credentials are always encrypted and handled with greatest care in a secure vault. We only store your metadata to perform real-time queries. Furthermore we also offer IP-Whitelisting to restrict access to your account. For Enterprise customers we also offer the possibility to host Veezoo in your own private cloud.

Where does your SaaS solution run?2021-07-29T09:27:22+02:00

The Veezoo cloud is located in Frankfurt, Germany.

Do you offer pricing for non-profits?2021-07-29T09:24:21+02:00

We offer a 20% additional discount off all annual plans. You’ll need to provide information about your eligibility.  Speak to our team for help arranging this discount.

What methods of payment are accepted?2021-07-29T09:24:20+02:00

You can pay by credit card or Invoice.

Are annual plans discounted?2021-07-29T09:24:20+02:00

Annual plans are reduced by 20%. Your plan will renew each year on your renewal date unless you cancel your account.

Can I cancel anytime?2021-07-29T09:24:20+02:00

Plans can be cancelled at any time. A cancelled plan will not be renewed at the next renewal date.

Can I upgrade or downgrade later?2021-07-29T09:24:20+02:00

You can upgrade or downgrade anytime on a monthly plan. Annual plans cannot be downgraded until the end of the billing term but can be upgraded anytime.

Do you offer services to set-up Veezoo on my data?2021-07-29T09:26:16+02:00

Yes. Please reach out to us if you need assistance.

What if I have more questions?2021-07-29T09:28:46+02:00

We are happy to answer your further questions per mail.

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