Frictionless Collaboration for the Modern Workforce

Solve problems faster by sharing insights with your stakeholders as you uncover them.

Collaboration and sharing

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Centralized Sharing for Efficient Collaboration

Whether it’s a dashboard or simply a chart, Veezoo allows you to share information as soon as you’re ready, with just 1 click.

Get to the Why Faster so You Can Focus on Next Steps

Veezoo acts like your personal assistant, enabling you to crunch data and get to the bottom of things so you can collaborate on what matters: a speedy solution.

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Fast-track Reporting – From Veezoo to Your Presentation in Seconds

Easily export your data into excel or images or a PDF & make sure your reports tell a consistent, visual story.

Manage Your Users on a Need-to-Know Basis

Decide who gets to see what by setting up fine-grained rules based on roles, so that users can only access data that’s relevant to them.

Manage users on need to know bases

Reduce Back & Forth With our Dynamic Answers

Reduce silos and iterations with your colleagues by providing teams with the right information at exactly the right time, to make problem-solving truly collaborative.


Curiosity drives growth

Democratize access to data and empower curiosity with Veezoo!