Enterprise-Grade Data Governance

Complete control over who can access which data with data governance and compliant data security.

Data governance and access control

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Scale Self Service

Scale Self-Service Safely and Securely with SSO

Add an extra layer of security and control by integrating Veezoo with your Active Directory, enabling SSO via SAML

Enterprise-Grade Security with Granular Access Control

Reuse your existing authorization schemes from your data warehouse with passthrough security or implement granular access control in Veezoo on a row-, column- and object-level.

Granular Access Control
Manage users on need to know bases

Manage Users in Groups and Assign Them Roles that Represent your Organization

With Veezoo, your organization can follow a “need-to-know principle”, inheriting user information from your Active Directory or defining them directly in Veezoo

No data movement. Your data stays with you

Veezoo’s queries are executed directly against your data warehouse, ensuring that no records are involuntarily transferred.

Up to date view

Your Single Source of Truth is Always Live

Avoid stale data by having Veezoo always access your single source of truth, ensuring your users have always an up-to-date view.

Full Transparency. No Black Box

Get complete transparency on what SQL statements are being generated and executed against your data warehouse with extensive audit logs.

Full Transparency


Curiosity drives growth

Democratize access to data and empower curiosity with Veezoo!