Faster and easier access to insights and information for Hahn Air Lines

Hahn Air decided to offer the conversational data analytics solution from Veezoo to its Agency Distribution and Airline Business Teams to support data-based decision making.

Hahn Air

Hahn Air Lines is a German scheduled and executive charter airline and a member of the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

In the aviation industry, Hahn Air Lines is especially known for its distribution services which it has been offering to other airlines since 1999. Today, its partner network spans more than 350 partner airlines. With its services, it reaches more than 100,000 travel agencies in 190 markets.

Excellent tool, it delivers the information easily and elegantly packed.

Andrey Sherstyuk
Hahn Air, Regional VP Agency Distribution CIS


Data landscapes have become increasingly complex with more valuable data being available. Therefore, employees need to be able to easily and quickly get answers to ad-hoc questions, even if they do not have an explicit technical background. The real Self-Service Analytics capabilities of Veezoo are the perfect fit to provide insights and information for the Airline- and Agency Distribution teams of Hahn Air.

Very user friendly. I liked being able to find the data I needed right away. Veezoo was able to provide detailed reports in several formats and was able to understand follow up questions.

Lynda Miller
Hahn Air, Regional VP Agency Distribution North America

Why Veezoo

Veezoo focuses on complete user autonomy through the extremely easy-to-use natural language interface. Hahn Air decided to partner with Veezoo and offers the solution to all its Key Account Managers working with travel agencies and airlines. They use the tool to prepare for sales meetings and to support their strategic decisions with data. 

The major benefit is the fast answers we get. Veezoo is easy to use and very intuitive. It does not require extensive experience with data tools. It is very easy to get the results you want.

Renate Weber
Hahn Air, Manager Business Support & Analysis

Business Potential

Oliver Simon who is the Regional VP Airline Business in Europe often has the tedious task of identifying the business potential of different carriers. Using Veezoo he can look beyond pre-defined traditional performance indicators and also ask about the top routes by carrier X and the top routes by airport Y and then break this down by agency levels. Using Veezoo, he is able to save those insights into his own individual board. He is also a big fan of the function within Veezoo which shows suggested questions and the autocomplete function to help him understand the available data and next questions he could be asking.

Exactly what I needed to evaluate the business potential of a carrier. I am a fan of Veezoo.

Oliver Simon
Hahn Air, Regional VP Airline Distribution Europe

To Conclude

Like most companies, Hahn Air already had a process in place to run reports and generate different insights. After an initial trial of Veezoo, the team realised the advantages of the tool, especially the simplicity and user-friendliness. The team is using Veezoo to find out more about their markets, customers and performance and expects a positive impact on the overall company performance.


Hahn Air Lines GmbH


Dreieich, Germany




210 employees




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