air up’s Journey to Selecting the Ideal Self-Service Analytics Solution

Amid rapid growth and increasing data demands, air up was in need for a Self-Service Analytics solution to democratize access to data. After a thorough evaluation, Veezoo emerged as the top choice, providing a user-friendly and engaging platform to transform air up's data culture and enhance overall efficiency

air up

air up is a revolutionary beverage company transforming the way people hydrate and consume flavored drinks. The company offers a unique range of specialized reusable bottles and scent-based flavor pods, allowing users to enjoy various flavors while only drinking water.


As air up experienced rapid growth, tripling the team to 350 employees within a single year, their need for insights from data expanded significantly. The data team became more and more a bottleneck as data requests from business users skyrocketed. During this time, one main challenge emerged: enabling users of varying levels of data understanding to easily find the data they need, when they need it, especially as the company onboarded new team members. The majority of the existing dashboards were designed to answer specific questions, making it difficult for new users to understand their purpose and utility. As a result, air up recognized the need to democratize access to data and enable Self-Service Analytics, empowering business users to obtain answers independently. The company had been relying on Tableau, which did not offer an intuitive and flexible user experience to a wide range of users, prompting air up to seek a more suitable Self-Service Analytics solution.

I am absolutely impressed with Veezoo’s interface – it’s clean and easy to navigate. The core chat feature is fantastic, and the ability to guide our team with pre-defined queries and questions within the chat is incredibly helpful. I felt at home within just a few seconds of using the platform. I highly recommend Veezoo for its simplicity and user-friendly design, making it my top choice for Self-Service Analytics.

Christian Hauth
air up, CEO

Self-Service Analytics Tool Selection Process

air up decided to evaluate Veezoo and a leading competitor in natural language analytics through a Proof of Concept (PoC) involving 40 business users assessing both tools against the same dataset for two weeks. At the conclusion of the PoC, participants were surveyed to gather their feedback and preferences.

Survey results demonstrated a clear preference for Veezoo over the alternative, with users citing factors such as higher accuracy in results, improved ease of use or intuitiveness, faster speed of response, and increased likelihood of using the tool for future analyses. Notably, participants found Veezoo's interface and chat feature to be more user-friendly and engaging, while the competing solution was perceived as less intuitive and more reminiscent of traditional analytics tools.

The responses indicated that Veezoo offered a more approachable and effective solution for Self-Service Analytics at air up, especially from a user experience standpoint. In contrast, the alternative provided more sophisticated analysis possibilities but might need a higher investment of time for users to become accustomed to its querying methods. 

As a result, Veezoo emerged as the top choice for promoting a Self-Service Analytics culture at air up. Its accessible and interactive design would ensure wider adoption across the organization, thereby promoting data-driven decision-making for employees of all skill levels and backgrounds.

Example Questions

air up uses Veezoo in English to answer questions such as:

  • How many orders from France contained our Kola flavor this week? 
  • How long does it take on average between a customer's first and second order?
  • What were the top reasons for our support tickets this month?

Business Impact

Veezoo's implementation as air up's Self-Service Analytics solution has had a significant positive business impact by:

  • Addressing air up’s primary concerns around data accessibility
  • Alleviating the bottleneck faced by the data team due to the company’s rapid scaling
  • Empowering employees to easily access and analyze critical information, driving data-driven decision-making across the organization
  • Providing an intuitive interface and chat feature that suits users of varying skill levels, allowing them to unlock the true potential of air up’s data
  • Overcoming challenges faced with Tableau, streamlining business processes and improving overall efficiency
  • Ensuring that the data team can focus on more strategic initiatives

At air up, we faced the challenge of making data truly accessible to our growing and diverse team. Veezoo has proven to be the perfect solution for us, providing an intuitive and engaging platform that empowers our employees to leverage data-driven insights in their daily decision-making. Veezoo’s unique semantic layer effectively bridges the gap between data language and business language, making it easy for users with varying skill levels to understand and interact with complex data. I can confidently say that Veezoo has marked a significant turning point in our journey towards a more data-driven organization.

Etoma Egot
air up, Head of Data, Business Intelligence & AI

By embracing Veezoo, air up has managed to quench its employees' thirst for information, ensuring each flavor of data is easily accessible. Now, with greater access to data and enhanced decision-making capabilities, air up can continue to innovate and provide an even more refreshing and enjoyable customer experience.


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