Advent of ChatGPT-like Self-Service Analytics

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Explore with us every day a new aspect of Veezoo, a new side of the world of Self-Service Analytics and data democratisation!

Lukas Hasler

December 8, 2023

πŸŽ„ Day 1 ❄️ – Setting up a Semantic Layer for our business users to Self-Serve

Kicking off with a semantic layer is your first step to getting a Self-Service BI tool up and running. Thanks to Veezoo’s one-click solution, it’s both quick and simple!

πŸŽ„ Day 2 ❄️ – Getting rid of technical naming in our Semantic Layer

In databases, tables and columns often have tech-savvy names that are great for data engineers but might not resonate as much with business users. With Veezoo, you can effortlessly rename these in the semantic layer to something more user-friendly, all without altering the actual database.

πŸŽ„ Day 3 ❄️ – The AI should understand your companies lingo

Your business is as distinct as the individuals who are part of it. Naturally, a unique jargon develops within any organization, often puzzling to outsiders (AI included πŸ˜‰). This is where the semantic layer comes to the rescue. It’s incredibly straightforward to inform Veezoo about your specific terminologies and what they signify, ensuring clear and meaningful answers.

πŸŽ„ Day 4 ❄️ – Our Data Team shouldn’t be a dashboard factory

Your data team is far more than just a dashboard factory. Continually tasking them with creating new dashboards for every minor variation is not only inefficient, but it also leads to an overwhelming abundance of dashboards that are difficult to manage. A more effective approach is for the data team to focus on maintaining a few key dashboards, while empowering your business users to craft their own or modify existing ones to suit their specific needs.

πŸŽ„ Day 5 ❄️ – How to define measures in Veezoo and explore your data freely

Sometimes, the need is to check specific facts or calculations, while at other times, the goal is to freely explore the wealth of data at our disposal. Veezoo is adept at catering to both these requirements.

πŸŽ„ Day 6 ❄️ – Marketing shouldn’t accidentally send e-mails to opted-out Customers

Equipping your marketing team with a self-service BI tool offers them considerable flexibility. However, it’s often beneficial to provide them with some guidance. Setting up default guardrails ensures they start off in the right direction, balancing their freedom to explore data with a structured approach that aligns with your business objectives.

πŸŽ„ Day 7 ❄️ – How to avoid test accounts distorting your KPIs

Testing is a critical component of any data-driven strategy, but it’s essential to remember that the test accounts you create can inadvertently impact your KPIs. To circumvent this issue, Veezoo offers smart solutions that help segregate test data from your core metrics, ensuring the integrity and accuracy of your KPIs remain intact.

πŸŽ„ Day 8 ❄️ – Who is our best Customer..?

Figuring out who your top customer is can be tricky, as it’s not always clear-cut. With Veezoo, you can easily set your own metrics to decide what ‘best’ means for your business, helping you rank and understand your customers, or other concepts, in a way that makes sense for you.

πŸŽ„ Day 9 ❄️ – See your Answer on a map!

Having effective visualizations can enhance our understanding and appreciation of data. For instance, with locational data, Veezoo offers the delightful capability to display it on a map, adding a visually appealing and practical dimension to our data exploration.

πŸŽ„ Day 10 ❄️ – How many Order by month? Month of what?

Another area of potential confusion arises when multiple dates are associated with a single event. Take an order, for instance, which might have an order date, a payment date, and a shipment date. In such cases, we can set a default date in Veezoo to ensure that the correct one is automatically used in general queries.

πŸŽ„ Day 11 ❄️ – Display only what’s important to you!

When dealing with a concept that has numerous attributes, it’s common not to require all of them for every query. Veezoo simplifies this by allowing you to specify which attributes to display when a concept is queried. This customization ensures that the information presented is relevant and tailored to your specific needs.

πŸŽ„ Day 12 ❄️ – Boomers vs Gen-Z, how to ask about customer segments

There are numerous advantages to segmenting our customers into distinct groups, whether it’s for tailoring marketing campaigns, conducting sales analysis, or developing new products. In Veezoo, we offer a seamless method to implement this segmentation, enabling you to classify customers effectively even when the necessary details aren’t explicitly present in the core customer table.

πŸŽ„ Day 13 ❄️ – Implementing a jump to your CRM

This Christmas, let Veezoo’s direct CRM link be your holiday helper. It’s like finding the shortcut to Santa’s workshop, providing quick and easy access to your customer data, ensuring a smoother, more joyful work experience during the most wonderful time of the year.

πŸŽ„ Day 14 ❄️ – Concept level security, or how to restrict access to fields

As we approach the end of the year, it’s a good time to reflect on data access within our businesses. Much like carefully choosing the right gifts for each person, Veezoo allows for precise role assignments, ensuring each member of your team has access to only the data they need, keeping your business data both secure and well-organized.

πŸŽ„ Day 15 ❄️ – Defining a Sorting Order for your Concepts

Occasionally, we might prefer Veezoo to showcase various categories in a specific sequence, which differs from its current default arrangement. For instance, in analyzing the number of customers across diverse age groups, it could be more informative to have them displayed in a sequence of ascending age, rather than being sorted by the quantity of customers in each group. Here’s how we can establish these as the default sorting orders in Veezoo.

πŸŽ„ Day 16 ❄️ – BYOC (Bring Your Own Colours)

Veezoo in Your Company’s Colours: This tutorial will guide you through changing Veezoo’s colour settings to better align with your corporate identity, or to infuse a festive Christmas vibe into your data visualizations.

πŸŽ„ Day 17 ❄️ – User On-Boarding

Learning new tools can indeed be daunting. To simplify the onboarding process for new users, Veezoo provides a variety of customizations that your data team can utilize. Here’s a guide on how to take advantage of these options.

πŸŽ„ Day 18 ❄️ – Dynamic Segmentations

Another perk of using Veezoo is its capability to juxtapose diverse segment types across categories. For instance, it effortlessly compares profits in New York State against profits in the North East Region, despite New York being a state and the North East a region. This level of flexible comparison is a feature not frequently found in other business intelligence tools.

πŸŽ„ Day 19 ❄️ – Avoid Blank Page Syndrome: Discovery

Meet Veezoo Discovery – a solution designed to assist business users in navigating the challenge of ‘blank page syndrome.’ With this feature, your data team can compile a collection of real-world, frequently asked questions that your company’s people pose to Veezoo daily. This curated set serves as an intuitive and practical guide, helping new users understand what to inquire and how to effectively use Veezoo.

πŸŽ„ Day 20 ❄️ – Analytics Engineering: Dev. Branches & Tests

As the holiday season wraps the world in festive cheer, your journey in data engineering with Veezoo remains vibrant and unceasing. While you’re decking the halls, you can also continue to refine your models in Veezoo. However, it’s crucial to ensure that this process doesn’t hinder your business users. Veezoo provides a suite of tools that allow for seamless, behind-the-scenes improvements. This ensures that your developmental work progresses smoothly without affecting the regular usage of the platform.

πŸŽ„ Day 21 ❄️ – Analytics on-the-go: Veezoo Mobile

Whether you’re in the office, at a lengthy family gathering, or skiing through a snowstorm, with Veezoo, your analytics are always accessibleβ€”even if you’re waiting for a rescue crew in a blizzard. Veezoo is expertly tailored for your phone, making sure that no matter where you are, your analytics are just a tap away.

πŸŽ„ Day 22 ❄️ – Analytics Observability: Meta Veezoo

Explore the world of Veezoo through Veezoo itself – the ultimate toolkit for your data team to discover how your business users engage with Veezoo! In a slightly ironic twist, delving into your data with Veezoo generates an abundance of new data. And what’s the superior method to analyze this data? None other than using Veezoo, of course. With Meta Veezoo, swiftly gain insights into the queries your users are making, the dashboards they’re utilizing, and much more.

πŸŽ„ Day 23 ❄️ – Row-Level Security: How to implement need-to-know

Earlier, we explored how to control user access to specific concepts. Now, let’s examine a different security strategy. Instead of restricting visibility of certain columns of our tables for different users, we can opt to hide rows. This means that although store managers might need the same facts about sales, their access is tailored so they only see the information pertinent to their individual stores.

πŸŽ„ Day 24 ❄️ – Embedded Analytics

On the concluding day of Advent 2023, we’re excited to spotlight the concept of embedded Veezoo. This powerful feature allows for seamless integration of Veezoo into your existing software. With its versatile multi-tenant login feature, different users can access tailored aspects of your service, adding another layer of excellence to your product. Merry Christmas!

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