Embedding Meaning to Data With Knowledge Graphs: The Veezoo Approach to the Semantic Layer

Our Knowledge Graph harmoniously links the language of business users to the underlying SQL code, making data more accessible, and ensuring that raw data morphs into rich information at the command of a single question.

Pragati Basu

October 6, 2023

Embedding Meaning to Data With Knowledge Graphs

Ever felt like your data is a black-and-white jigsaw puzzle, with all its pieces scattered around? It’s almost as if there’s a hidden story waiting to be told from this data – if only you put the effort into discovering it.

Our goal at Veezoo has always been to help everyone extract meaningful insights or “complete stories” from their data, irrespective of their technical expertise. But without the technical expertise to put those black-and-white pieces of the puzzle together, this becomes much more difficult.

So we decided it was time to paint a coherent story with our Knowledge Graph. Think of the Knowledge Graph as a sprinkle of color on your data, connecting all the pieces into a clear, vibrant image enriched with meaning. This visual bridge harmoniously links the language of business users to the underlying SQL code, making data more accessible, and ensuring that raw data morphs into rich information at the command of a single question.

The Challenges in Answering Questions with Data

Navigating the multifaceted landscape of data to extract meaningful answers is inherently challenging. Picture this: when dissecting revenue, are we delving into net, gross, or recurring revenue? In customer-centric dialogues, are we focusing on newly acquired customers, recurring patrons, active consumers, or another category entirely? And let’s not forget the intricacies in orders—are total, completed, or pending orders under the spotlight?

This precise nature of data collides with the inherent ambiguity of language, creating a crucial gap in our pursuit of a data-driven modus operandi within organizations. How can we seamlessly merge the exactitude of data with the nuances of language to drive enlightened, data-driven decisions across the corporate spectrum?

Enter the Veezoo Knowledge Graph—a pioneering solution designed to bridge this critical disparity. It’s not just about interpreting data; it’s about understanding and contextualizing it, paving the way for a revolutionary approach to interacting with and leveraging data. With Veezoo, the possibilities are boundless, and the journey to unearthing insights is as insightful as the revelations themselves.

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What is the Veezoo Knowledge Graph

The Veezoo Knowledge Graph is a graph data structure, serving as a bridge between the ontology of your business and the architecture of your underlying data, intricately weaving them together.

It operates as a lexicon for your enterprise, detailing the relations between diverse concepts such as Orders, Customers, Products, and Revenue, explaining their true essence within the business sphere.

Consider the nuanced difference between an Order and a Sales Order or the varied interpretations of ‘SO’—does it imply a Sales Order or a Standing Order? The Veezoo Knowledge Graph lays down the foundational language framework for your organization, ensuring clarity in business discourse. It doesn’t merely act as a repository of conceptual definitions; it dictates how these elements are extracted from the database, defining the necessary transformations to uphold query accuracy.

Functioning as the backbone of our AI model, the Veezoo Knowledge Graph guarantees reliable, high-speed results. It doesn’t just comprehend user language; it ensures the precision of the queries, allowing users to interact with data in an environment where ambiguity is deciphered, and precision is paramount. With Veezoo, we’re not just querying; we’re conversing with data, unlocking a realm of possibilities in data interaction and comprehension.

Three Great Things to Know About the Veezoo Knowledge Graph

1. Advanced Ontology-Oriented Modeling via Veezoo Knowledge Language:

The Veezoo Knowledge Language (VKL) is a specialized modeling language meticulously developed for encoding the semantics of data. This innovative language empowers data teams to articulate new metrics and functions while providing insights into the ontology of the conceptual elements behind those metrics—explaining how they interrelate and are deployed within the company’s framework.

By offering extensive control over how inquiries are resolved, VKL ensures precise answers to questions; for example, inquiries about ‘customers’ by default refer to ‘active customers’ unless specified otherwise. It’s constructed over SQL, enhancing its accessibility for the data community and combines the best practices of Object-Oriented Programming (OOP), treating data columns as objects. You can also define and reuse functions, composing them into new higher-level definitions, establishing a high degree of organization within the chaotic data realm.

How we Model Data With VKL

2. Analytics Logic Manageable as Version Controlled Code

All metrics, dimensions, and business logic are articulated in code, allowing for meticulous tracking of modifications using Git. VKL’s incorporation of version control ensures all alterations are logged, enabling teams to revert to previous versions whenever needed and model data expeditiously without the fear of irreversible disruptions. It allows for the creation of distinct development branches, facilitating seamless data modeling without compromising production integrity and ensuring all adjustments are functional before finalizing merges.

3. A New Abstraction Layer Based on Semantics

Veezoo’s Knowledge Graph introduces a new layer of abstraction based on semantics, distilling data into a coherent semantic layer that serves as a bedrock for conceptualizing new notions independent of data layer definitions. Dashboards, for example, are conceptualized at this semantic level, maintaining their significance irrespective of alterations in database structures.

This semantic abstraction allows for the creation of dashboards that are not only reflective of their intended meanings but are also resilient to changes in data definitions and computations. Any recalibration in data, such as modifications in ‘churned customers’ calculations, can be implemented without disrupting numerous dependent dashboards. This semantic grounding ensures the low-cost maintenance of Veezoo’s dashboards while promoting their scalable development across the organization in a decentralized yet governed manner.

By converging ontology-oriented modeling, manageable analytics logic, and semantic abstraction, Veezoo’s Knowledge Graph is paving the way for a new era in data interaction and analysis, where precision, scalability, and meaning come together to transform the way we perceive and interact with data.


Veezoo’s Knowledge Graph is a revolutionary leap, designed with a singular vision: to empower data teams with unprecedented levels of efficiency and innovation. 

It’s more than a tool; it’s a transformation. 

Eliminating redundancy and enabling scalable, semantic data modeling, allowing AI to take the reins of intricate data interpretation and representation. 

Our mission is to offer a gateway to a new era of data interaction and comprehension, where the synergy of human insight and artificial intelligence enables groundbreaking discoveries in data analytics. Veezoo is not just reshaping workflows; we are pioneering a future where data is not just seen—it’s truly understood and effectively harnessed.

See yourself how Veezoo can simplify the access to insights from your data.

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