Instant Insights: 90s with Olympic Games Data

Today, we'll be looking to the past to discover the future, analyzing 120 years of Olympic data to better understand the Games and athletes as a whole.

Matt Ward

August 4, 2021

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The Olympics… despite everything going on in the world these days, the Games carry on. And regardless of how anyone feels about the conditions, it is impossible to deny the thousands of hours of blood, sweat, and tears that have gone into every hopeful’s one shot at Olympic glory. In honor of their unimaginable effort and commitment and because of the increasing role of data and sports science in the makings of an Olympic athlete, we thought it could be fun and informative to dive into a bit of Olympics’ history with a 120 year snapshot of all things Olympic Games.

And what better place to start than with the athletes themselves? For instance, maybe you are interested in how female participation in the Games have increased over the years. Just ask Veezoo “How did the percentage of female athletes change over time?” and you’ll see just how far we’ve come.

Percentage of Female Athletes at the Olympic Games by Year

Or maybe you’re curious what your average male Olympian looks like? A quick question like: “Show the average height and average weight by Sport for Men for 2016”, and you have your answer.

Average Height and Weight of Olympic Male Athletes by Sport for 2016 Olympic Games

Same with the “average age by sport” which is always interesting.

Average Age of Olympians by Sport for 2016 Olympic Games

But athlete demographics isn’t what gets fans to tune in. No, the Olympics are the epitome of competitive spirit – and that means medals. They are all about proving supremacy over a sport and the field and chasing what every Olympian dreams of: Olympic Gold.

And what everyone really wants to know is: who’s the best?

Well, if you asked Veezoo “Which nationality has the most Gold medals since 1950?”, you’d find out it was the USA.

Most Olympic Gold Medals by Country since 1950

And if you were just interested in medals from Winter Sports, you could break it down way too and see “What percentage of medals went to each country?”

Percentage of Winter Olympic Medals by Country

Want a more in-depth view of the US? Just ask a follow up question like: “How many gold medals for the USA by year?”

Number of USA Gold Medals at Olympics by Year

You can even get “Cold War” competitive and “Compare that with Russia.” Want to add others? Three more clicks and you’ve added Germany, China, and the UK to the race.

Historical Olympic Gold Medal Count by Country: USA, Russia, China, UK and Germany

But no analysis of the Olympics would be complete without examining its most prolific participants. And while we all probably know Michael Phelps holds the record for the most Gold medals of all-time, what about the rest?

So, let’s “show the top 10 athletes by medal count.”

Top Olympians by Total Medal Count

Or, narrow it down to just US athletes. Follow up questions are great for that.

Top USA Olympians by Total Medal Count

Just like finding out which events Michael Phelp has Gold medaled in in his illustrious career.

Michael Phelps Gold Medal list

23 Gold medals. That’s impressive – just like the amount of insights you can discover with Veezoo.

And imagine… that was all in just 90 seconds!

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