Instant Insights: Crunchbase Startup and Venture Capital Investment Trends and Insights

Today we will be looking at something near and dear to every startup and technologist's heart: fundraising and venture capital, using data gleaned from Crunchbase's extensive database.

Matt Ward

July 27, 2021

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Information is power… when you can access and understand it. And for some like investors, startup founders, venture capitalists, and finance types, it is pure gold. Discovering investment trends and insights, finding companies and industries to bet on, analyzing the competition or finding your ideal investor…

With company formation, investment, and revenue estimate numbers that firms like Crunchbase provide, there really is no limit to insights and competitive advantages that can be gleaned from the data – if you are willing to put in the time and effort, often with all too much Excel!

That’s why we created Veezoo – to empower anyone to use and leverage data to make real-time, data-driven decisions – no code or complex spreadsheets required.

As you might know, Veezoo’s a Swiss🇨🇭 company, and proud of it! So, why not take a look at the Swiss venture landscape?

Let’s say for instance, you were a startup founder or VC looking to better understand the Swiss startup ecosystem. Well, with Veezoo’s intuitive chat-based analytics system, uncovering actionable market insights from Crunchbase’s mountains of data is as simple as asking Veezoo to: “Show the top 10 Swiss investors by the number of companies.”

Top 10 Swiss Startup Investors

Want to dig deeper into Venture Kick’s portfolio in particular? A simple follow up question and suddenly you’re looking at their most successful 2020 investments, any of which you can click on to check out the company profile.

Top 2020 Startups Funded by Venture Kick

Want a better view of the Swiss venture ecosystem as a whole? Why not ask Veezoo for the “Top 10 industries by funding?”

Top 10 Most Funded Swiss Startup Verticals

But total funding only tells us so much. To get a better idea of the competitive landscape, let’s see how many funded companies there are in each industry.

Top 10 Swiss Startup Industries by Funding and Number of Companies

And the thing about exploring data… sometimes you find outliers, like the fact that companies founded in 2011 greatly outperformed companies founded in any other recent year, at least in terms of estimated revenues.

Swiss Startup Average Revenue by Founding Year of the Company

Maybe that’s useful (like for evaluating venture fund returns), or maybe that’s just a fun fact. Either way, accidental insights and the fact that Waadt seems to be a better base for a healthcare startup than Zurich, Geneva (Genf), or Basel are exactly why we at Veezoo believe in democratizing data to empower individuals everywhere.

Swiss Startup Funding by Vertical and Canton

Imagine… that was all in just 90 seconds!

So, what would you do with the power of data at your fingertips? Start your 14-day free trial today!

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