Meet Discovery: Designed To Help You Make The Most Out of Veezoo

We created Veezoo Discovery for our customers. Discovery makes our platform even easier to navigate by serving as a starting point for new users. Check it out!

Pragati Basu

September 8, 2023

So you have a new tool to help your business team find actionable insights. You hope that the number of ad-hoc requests to your data team will reduce and the business teams will find (most of) the insights they need in order to make better decisions and be more productive. 

There’s just the little matter of training them. 

Except, teaching non-tech users to use such tools is inherently challenging. Companies invest in these solutions with hopes of harnessing their full potential, but the reality is many tools aren’t tailored for the non-tech savvy. 

In designing Veezoo, our vision was clear: to craft an intuitive platform that breaks down these barriers. But we didn’t stop there. We went a step further to create Veezoo Discovery for our customers. Discovery makes our platform even easier to navigate by serving as a starting point for new users. 

This feature isn’t just about easier usage; it’s a mentor, guiding new users in understanding the different ways they can leverage Veezoo, showcasing the kind of questions they can ask, helping them out with starter questions, and even providing insights into what their peers are asking Veezoo. 

How Veezoo Discovery Bridges the Gap

Veezoo smart follow-up questions
The Right Tools Help you Work Smarter

  • Serves as a Starting Point: Within Veezoo’s interface, Discovery acts as a guide for new users by presenting them with predefined questions and insights to click around and explore. This lets users delve into data, initiate questions, and uncover relevant insights. Basically, it shows you how Veezoo can be used by providing examples of insights you can extract from it. Smart follow-up questions also help.
  • Educating Users Within the Platform: Most of the time, training sessions involve learning languages or syntax and it’s usually not followed up by actual examples and use cases that are relatable. We solve this problem with Discovery- Veezoo integrates learning right within its UI. As you navigate, Discovery illuminates Veezoo’s capabilities, painting a clear picture through real-life scenarios and actionable use cases. 
  • Reducing Blank Page Syndrome: Staring at an empty interface can be daunting. However, Discovery offers a solution, presenting users with predefined questions and insights. This ensures that users never feel lost, paving a smooth path for exploration.
  • Encouraging User Adoption: The intuitive nature of Discovery, coupled with its guided pathways, not only enhances user experience but plays a pivotal role in ensuring consistent platform usage within an organization.
  • Revealing Collective Interests: Veezoo’s Discovery goes beyond individual assistance. Users can see the kind of questions being asked by their peers and the topics they are interested in. 

By highlighting shared business goals and trends, Discovery fosters collaboration, giving teams a consolidated overview of what matters most to the organization.

What is Veezoo Discovery?
Veezoo Discovery

The Value of High Adoption Rate

For analytics tools, success does not end when an organization has decided to purchase a subscription; success lies in their widespread utilization. 

An analytics platform might be packed with features, but its real impact is felt when it’s widely adopted across an organization. High adoption rates translate to more informed decision-making, streamlined organizational processes, and a sharpened competitive advantage. It also means that the cost of purchase is justified.

And of course, when more members actively engage with the tool, the collective intelligence of the organization rises.

Drawbacks of Traditional Training Methods

Traditional training can be likened to a conventional classroom setting: often detached, not always relevant, and lacking in ongoing support. Whether it’s lengthy sessions on external platforms or static content that doesn’t mold to individual learning curves, the one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t quite get the job done. Moreover, it doesn’t provide ongoing support which is very important as well.  

Users are left trying to bridge the gap between what the tool promises and their ability to harness its full potential, leading to underutilized investments.

It’s also important to reiterate that these solutions are often not designed for non-technical users which makes the entire process even harder.

Veezoo Discovery: Guided In-Platform Learning

Discovery is our response to the limitations of conventional training. Think of it as a built-in assistant, seamlessly integrated within the user interface. Instead of directing users outside for tutorials, Veezoo Discovery presents relevant examples, poses insightful questions, and offers in-platform guidance while Veezoo is being used. This intuitive framework ensures quicker familiarization, empowers users from the get-go and aligns tool usage with the authentic needs of the business.

Breaking away from traditional training, Veezoo Discovery champions a novel approach. It embeds guidance directly within the user interface, so users are really learning on the job. With ready-to-use questions, vibrant examples, and actionable insights, users experience an immersion into the platform. This approach translates to faster adoption, empowered users, and a platform experience that’s attuned to genuine business requirements.

See yourself how Veezoo can simplify the access to insights from your data.

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