MetaVeezoo: Our Proactive Approach to Managing Data

Ensuring high-quality data to form the basis for smarter decisions is a challenge. Our answer to this is MetaVeezoo which helps data teams proactively and consistently manage data.

Pragati Basu

September 15, 2023

Available Attributes of MetaVeezoo

We’ve come a long way in the last twenty or so years –  today, organizations both big and small turn to data to make decisions, predict outcomes, and craft competitive strategies. 

There is much less guesswork.

In our survey of 400+ data professionals, 73% said that most of their decisions were data-driven.


Yet, ensuring high-quality data to form the basis for these decisions is still a challenge. A typical scenario: Company Y spends millions of dollars and countless hours on extensive data cleaning and organizing projects. At the end of the process, the data team at Y discovers that a lot of the (painstakingly) cleaned data, is not put to use.
There is frustration all around.

With MetaVeezoo, we’re turning that paradigm on its head. Traditional data management often skews towards reactive solutions, addressing issues as they arise. Our goal was to ensure that data teams don’t just address challenges, but preemptively identify and circumvent them.
By offering a proactive approach, we’re hoping that data is not just a stored asset at companies like Y, but a continuously optimized product.

How MetaVeezoo Improves Data Management 

With traditional data management, there is often no clear insight into the kind of questions that need to be answered. This is often associated with fragmented data views, delayed responses, and a lack of real-time insights into user interactions and preferences.

Data teams spend significant amounts of time maintaining dashboards and addressing user queries. These systems, usually drag-and-drop interfaces, hardly provide deep insights into real user needs. On the other hand, MetaVeezoo introduces a more intuitive, natural language-driven process. Simply put, Metaveezoo monitors & analyzes the exact questions that users ask and Veezoo’s answers to these questions.

Since Veezoo works with natural language, business intelligence teams no longer have to guess what kind of data is the most used. Users simply ask for exactly what they need, eliminating the need for guessing the filters or datasets used. 

For instance, if users want to know “How many white sneakers were sold to customers between the ages of 25-40 in Zurich over all the weekends in Q2”?, they will simply type that exact question or some variation of it.

If there is no data available to answer these questions, Veezoo will flag it and the business intelligence team will then prioritize this before cleaning other datasets. 

It’s almost like a feedback loop – the difference is that data teams can provide business users with what they need before they even have to ask.

Why Data Teams Love MetaVeezoo

Available Attributes of MetaVeezoo
Available Attributes of MetaVeezoo

Transitioning from reactive to proactive: Traditionally, data teams are often fighting a bit of a losing battle, trying to anticipate needs and responding to demands after a slurry of “urgent requests”. With MetaVeezoo’s real-time insights and predictive capabilities, data teams take charge, anticipating users’ needs and acting before requests come in. This proactive approach reduces turnaround times and improves stakeholder satisfaction. 

Most importantly, it makes life a whole lot easier for them.

Deeper Understanding of Data Requirements: By understanding the exact data users interact with and the queries they often make (even when they are not yet available through Veezoo), teams can refine databases and knowledge graphs accordingly. This laser-focused approach ensures that data storage and processing resources align with actual user needs and streamlining efforts.

Improving the User Experience: MetaVeezoo’s ability to analyze user interactions enables data teams to create a more personalized data retrieval experience. By identifying patterns in user behavior, the platform can make real-time recommendations, offer shortcuts to frequent queries, and even optimize visualization based on user preferences. This leads to a more efficient and enjoyable user experience, promoting repeated usage and fostering trust in the platform.

Monitoring the Important Metrics: MetaVeezoo’s customizable dashboards allow data teams to track critical metrics, offering a bird’s-eye view of the most relevant data points. This efficient monitoring means faster reaction times and better decision-making based on timely and relevant data.

The Biggest Benefit of MetaVeezoo: Adoption Rates SkyRocket

When employees have access to a tool that has exactly the information they are looking for, data exploration becomes not only convenient but also fun. MetaVeezoo is what makes this happen for Veezoo users – with MetaVeezoo, data is constantly updated and prioritized based on importance. So users know that when they ask Veezoo a question, it will most likely have the answer. Hence, they tend to do it more and more and adoption rates skyrocket.

Now, why does this adoption rate matter? When employees across an organization readily use a tool, the wealth of insights derived from data becomes accessible to a broader audience. This widespread usage democratizes data, bringing it out from the exclusive realm of data specialists and into the hands of every team member.

Higher adoption rates cultivate a more data-driven culture. When data is easily accessible and understandable, employees integrate it into their daily decision-making processes. Over time, this not only elevates the quality of decisions made but also ingrains a sense of data literacy across the organization. 

And we all know that smarter decisions mean good news for the bottom line.


MetaVeezoo is not just a tool; it’s a philosophy – a belief in proactively harnessing data’s potential. With it, our goal was not just to provide a self-serve experience with data but to ensure its meaningful, timely, and proactive utility. 

In a world where data drives decisions, MetaVeezoo ensures that these decisions are informed, strategic, and ahead of the curve.

See yourself how Veezoo can simplify the access to insights from your data.

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