Unlocking the Future of Analytics with Veezoo’s Next-Generation Dashboards

Let's talk dashboards. They've been discussed thoroughly by many data and business experts, but in this post, we'd like to share our take on them.

Pragati Basu

September 8, 2023

Dashboards are essential tools in today’s business landscape. They provide a quick, at-a-glance overview that many business (and tech) users find invaluable. But traditional dashboards, while useful, often fall short of the flexibility needed in today’s dynamic landscape. They can be static and limited, a far cry from what the ever-changing business environment demands.

At Veezoo we’re big fans of dashboards- but we’re even bigger proponents of flexibility. So we decided to come up with a solution that combines both: we’re taking a fresh look at dashboards. We believe dashboards can be so much more. And if you’re wondering, ‘What could be more?’ – that’s exactly what we’re here to show you.

With Veezoo, dashboards become interactive. They respond to your questions. They adapt to your needs. They’re not just about looking at data; they’re about engaging with it.

In effect, Veezoo’s dashboards are designed to complement workflow, increase productivity, and be more flexible- even more alive.

So, whether you’re a seasoned business user or a data analyst with a keen interest in the latest technologies that can help make your job easier, Veezoo’s dashboards might just be what you need. 

Our Next-Generation Dashboards

Self-Serve is Key But Dashboards Are Necessary

But what if we could have the best of both worlds? What if the Q and A part, essential for an excellent self-serve experience, could be married with the convenience of dashboards? This is where Veezoo’s dashboards come in.

While the Q and A format allows us to dig into the “why” behind issues, dashboards still have a vital role in tracking those frequently recurring questions. They serve as a constant, quick reference when we need to revisit familiar ground. But traditional dashboards often falter here. Static and bound by limited filters, they can’t adapt to every nuanced question a business user might have. Include too many filters, and it becomes cluttered. Exclude the wrong ones, and it’s incomplete.

Veezoo recognizes this dilemma, and our dashboards are neither static nor cluttered. They provide the quick reference you need without sacrificing the depth and adaptability of a Q and A experience.

Simply ask what you need, and Veezoo responds. Want to filter by a specific category? Just ask. Need an additional related chart? It’s there for you. No extra configuration, no needless complexity.

With Veezoo, dashboards are no longer a tradeoff between convenience and flexibility. They’re a seamless extension of your inquiry, a dynamic tool that evolves with your needs.

It’s not just an improvement; it’s a transformation. It’s a new way to engage with data, where dashboards are not an endpoint but a beginning. It’s about empowering business users to find exactly what they need, exactly when they need it.

Welcome to the next generation of dashboards. 

Why Veezoo’s Dashboards are Unlike Any Other

You may wonder, why did we choose to have dashboards at all at Veezoo since we have an intuitive, ChatGPT-like UI. The reason for this is that it’s quite tedious to type out the same question on a daily basis. This is the perfect use-case for dashboards – but we wanted to ensure that our dashboards are unlike any other. 

Here is what sets apart Veezoo’s dashboards:

  • They’re Flexible: While flexibility and dashboards don’t go hand in hand, this is precisely what we’ve achieved here at Veezoo. Anyone can create a dashboard with Veezoo- and more importantly, you need not define filters or other criteria in order to drill down into data. Just like our original UI, the Q and A approach also works here. Moreover, our dashboards are live- so users always have access to the latest information.
  • They Make New Users Feel Comfortable: Veezoo is extremely easy to use, but familiarity is powerful. In order to ensure that first-time users or relatively new users aren’t overwhelmed by Veezoo, we’ve designed dashboards for them to keep track of recurring questions or metrics. Our dashboards are also highly visual and you can pick and choose from a variety of visualizations.
  • Access and Collaboration: Veezoo makes it easy to choose who gets to see what information on their dashboard. This means people only get to see the most relevant information and thus make better decisions.

Dashboards To Empower Business Users

At Veezoo, empowerment is not just a buzzword; it’s at the core of what we do. We believe in data democratization because we know that unlocking the doors to data has a profound impact on business. It removes barriers. It eliminates bottlenecks. It brings insights into the hands of those who need them most.

Data shouldn’t be locked away, accessible only to a select few. It should be a resource that everyone can tap into, regardless of their technical background. Traditional dashboards, with their static nature, often become barriers rather than bridges. Veezoo’s dynamic dashboards are different. They provide access, flexibility, and depth. They also go a long way in reducing bottlenecks in workflows where business users are often kept waiting for days when they request data reports.

Getting answers with Veezoo is as simple as asking a question. Whether it’s through our intuitive Q and A interface or our adaptable dashboards, you have the tools to explore data in a way that’s natural and engaging. Want to understand trends in a particular region? Just ask. Need to compare different time periods? It’s a question away.


So what does this actually mean for your business?

The power of Veezoo’s approach extends across the organization. For decision-makers, it means faster insights and more informed choices. For analysts, it offers a way to dive deeper without getting lost in complexity. For teams, it fosters collaboration, with shared dashboards that reflect the questions and insights that matter most.

And for the business as a whole, it’s a transformative shift. It’s a move from static observation to dynamic exploration. It’s about making data not just something to look at but something to engage with, something that informs, guides, and inspires.

Whether you’re a seasoned data analyst or a business leader looking to harness the power of data, Veezoo offers the tools to make it happen. 

Just ask, and the answers are there for you.

Dashboards are no longer just a means to an end; they’re partners in discovery. 

See yourself how Veezoo can simplify the access to insights from your data.

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