Product Highlights: April 2022

What's new in Veezoo? Here are the highlights of our April product updates.

JP Monteiro

April 5, 2022

🎨 New Design for Sidebar and Autocomplete

We gave our sidebar a fresh new look, using a sharper and darker blue and allowing you to easily collapse it.



Also our Autocomplete got a new design with more semantic icons to quickly find what you are looking for.

📊 Data tables that make numbers scream at you

Visualizations are always great to help you spot outliers. But sometimes you really want to see the data in a table format. Well, por qué no los dos?

With our new data tables you can see visually where the numbers scream at you, so you can uncover insights faster and not let anything slip past your analytic gaze.

🦘 Jump from Sidebar to Studio

If you are a Veezoo Creator, you know that sometimes you need to quickly jump into Studio to change a definition or add a missing unit. This used to take you at least 6 clicks!

Now, you get there with one kangaroo jump to Studio.

🧭 Explore and edit data values in the Sidebar

You can now use our Knowledge Graph sidebar to add quickly that missing synonym for your data values (a.k.a. entities). Wanna add NYC to New York City? Easy peasy.

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