Product Highlights: June 2022

Defining measures and dimensions using plain English, docs that change based on your context in Studio. Here are the highlights of our June product updates.

Till Haug

June 9, 2022

📊 Define Measures and Dimensions using Plain English

Last month we talked about how you can define measures in Veezoo using our language VKL for our semantic layer.

But then we thought: can we make it easier for you to teach Veezoo about your data and business?

Today, we are announcing ‘Natural Language Definitions’. If you want to teach Veezoo what a “late order” means, just describe it in your own language, check the answer and save it as a new definition. Do you want now to define a measure on top of late orders? Just ask it and save it.

Check it out:

📖 Contextual Documentation inside Studio

It can always be daunting to learn a new framework. To make semantically modelling your data with Veezoo more intuitive to newcomers, we are introducing our new Contextual Docs in Studio!

Now, whenever you are inside the Editor, you will see a Documentation panel that adapts based on where your cursor is.

Give it a try, click around and learn how to model your data semantically with Veezoo!

❤️ Try out our Free Community Version

Did you know we have a free version for up to 5 users and a new Slack community?

Give Veezoo a try and say hi to us on Slack!

We look forward to answering your questions.

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