Product Highlights: June 2023

Collaborative development, custom functions, and easy entity management... Here are the highlights of this month’s product updates.

Till Haug

June 20, 2023

🔀 Introducing Development Branches

With Veezoo Studio, you can now create a .git versioned development branch for your knowledge graphs. This allows multiple developers to work on the knowledge graph in parallel without interfering with each other or impacting live users. Watch the video below to see it in action.

🧠 Teach Veezoo Custom SQL Functions

Developers can now teach Veezoo their own custom functions, opening up a world of advanced possibilities such as defining correlations, leap years, regex matches and much more yourself. To learn more about creating custom functions, check out our documentation.

🔍 Easy Entities View for Seamless Navigation

We’ve made managing entities even easier in Veezoo Studio. Now, you can directly open the associated entities or synchronize the entities as needed right above the classes. For a refresher on entities, head over to our documentation.

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