Product Highlights: May 2022

Measures, default filters and a new design for the KG UI... Here are the highlights of our May product updates.

Till Haug

May 5, 2022

📊 Define Measures to track your KPIs

Tracking KPIs is important for every business. With Veezoo, you can define them precisely as code with a flexible and composable language, supporting joins and much more.

Check out our documentation to learn more about measures.

🙊 Define Default Filters to match how you speak

It is very common for there to be a mismatch between what a database table called ‘subscriptions’ means and what users mean with a ‘subscription’. Often this happens because when we say ‘subscriptions’, we mean only the ‘active’ ones or the ones not cancelled, while the table contains all of them.

With Veezoo, you can model your data to more accurately represent your language. For this case, we have introduced ‘default filters’.

Check out our docs to learn more about them.

🎨 New Info Panel design in the KG Visual Mode

We’ve brought the new info panel from the Sidebar also to the Knowledge Graph Visual Mode.

Now when you hover over your Knowledge Graph nodes, you can see the description and easily click to edit.

👀 In case you’ve missed…

Last month we talked in our blog about new ideas we prototyped during our internal hackathon: a Veezoo API, extending your data with Excel, a browser plugin and more.

Check out our article and, if one of these ideas seemed interesting to you, we would love to chat with you about them!

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