Product Highlights: October 2023

From embracing your brand identity through whitelabeling, to more interactive visualizations and smarter autocomplete features, here’s what’s new with Veezoo in October 2023.

Lukas Hasler

October 23, 2023

📊 Interactive Breakdown in Visualizations

Deepen your data insights with Veezoo’s enhanced visualizations. Now, with just a click on individual elements, be it a bar in a chart or a region on a map, you can drill down to unveil more detailed information.

🏷️ Whitelabeled Veezoo: Personalize Your Experience

Ensure a more personalized and familiar experience for your users!  Veezoo now supports whitelabeling, allowing you to change the theme of Veezoo to your company’s logo and colors.

🖱️ Enhanced Autocomplete: Increasing Data Literacy

Seeking clarity when framing your questions? Veezoo’s improved autocomplete now offers descriptions as you navigate through suggestions. This gives you important context as you formulate your questions, ensuring a smoother and more informed decision-making process.

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