SAP Business One Analytics with Veezoo

Today we would like to show you how you can use the Veezoo Self-Service Analytics Platform to get insights from SAP Business One just by asking questions.

Johannes Judt

April 26, 2022

Veezoo was founded with the mission of making access to information as easy as possible. The users of SAP Business One, which is a popular ERP system with more than 60,000 customers worldwide, are always looking for new solutions to save time and make better, data-driven decisions. Veezoo can directly connect to the Microsoft SQL database or SAP HANA database which is behind the server version of SAP Business One.

SAP Business One – already has certain reporting options and features such as the pilot/cockpit view in which various key figure widgets, KPIs and dashboards can be made available. However, it takes a lot of effort to create a new dashboard/view. To do this, specific variables and dimensions would have to be selected, which then have to be changed manually each time, making switching from a report displaying monthly values to a report display annual values quite a hassle. Using Veezoo’s natural language self-service analytics solution this can be done in an instance.
Once the connection between Veezoo and the database has been setup, a knowledge graph and semantic layer with the respective keywords and synonyms is automatically created. If necessary, certain keywords and synonyms can also be added manually by an admin user.

Depending on the complexity of the database structure, a setup can take as little as 3 minutes. After this, the user is able to ask the first questions.
Just by asking questions Veezoo automatically provides the respective visualisations, tables or key figures as an answer.

In order to also have SAP Business One experts at our side, we decided to work with Sebastian Gerber from Versino Ost GmbH. Sebastian Gerber is known from LinkedIn Learning and video2brain and also runs the SAP Business One publication –  B1Publish. We are pleased to now have the opportunity to also offer SAP Business One customers a new, simplified solution for analysing data.

Users are able to benefit from our free 5 user licenses with an attractive price model available for additional users.

See yourself how Veezoo can simplify the access to insights from your data.

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