Using Data for Better Sales Prospecting and Customer Upsells

Show me the money! That is the number one mantra Tom Cruise must adopt in Jerry Maguire to go from being fired as a struggling sports agent to one of the top reps in the hyper competitive world of sport agencies. And although it is a fictitious story, underneath is one of the sales’ industries most important truths: it ALL comes down to making your numbers and closing deals.

Matt Ward

July 13, 2021

show me the money

That is why, in the high pressure world of sales, commissions, and bonuses, so many companies turn to Veezoo to empower their sales teams to make real-time, data-driven decisions when prospecting and upselling customers. Because let’s face it, time is money, especially in sales, and sorting through mountains of “cold prospects” and “weak leads” to find the high converting gems is no small task.

Wouldn’t it be nice as an insurance salesperson to know “which customers in the Zurich area have a round birthday (30, 40, 50, etc…) this month and don’t have a Household policy?” to know who to call first. Or better yet, maybe you want to know “which customers are the highest cancelation risk?” so you can keep the customers you have?

Veezoo insurance sales demo

But Veezoo is for a lot more than just insurance sales. In telecom, for instance, it is as simple as asking your data: “which customers ran out of bandwidth last month?”, “which mobile phone plans sell best amongst customers over fifty?”, or “what were our average data speeds in London during Q4 of 2020?” The best part is, your people know within seconds exactly which sales tactics have the highest probability to succeed and help you hit your numbers.

And for every industry, organization, and sales role, that means something completely different. Which is why we built Veezoo to be the #1 most versatile tool to empower non-technical users to uncover and leverage data-driven insights, all without having to call IT or spend hours meddling with Excel or generic BI tools and dashboards.

We believe sales teams are meant to be selling, not wading through millions of unfiltered prospects. Veezoo is here to help them do what they do best, empowering them with insights like “which customers have expiring or recently financed mortgages?” or “which sales agents closed the most business during Q3 of 2020?” to save countless hours, create more high value leads, and drive individual and organizational goals with better data-driven decision making.

If you are part of a sales team or would like to supercharge your organization sales and marketing efforts while also enabling the remainder of your organization to boost productivity, results, and profits through democratized, data-based insights, start your free 14-day trial or schedule a call with one of our customer success team today to learn how Veezoo could best be implemented to serve your company’s diverse and growing needs.

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