Veezoo and Exasol Partner to Bring You A Lightning Fast ChatGPT-like Self-Service Analytics Experience

Want to uncover business critical insights in seconds? Well now you can! With a combination of Veezoo and Exasol, anyone can access instant insights.

Pragati Basu

July 18, 2023

Imagine this…it’s a hectic Monday morning at work, and you’re deluged by an avalanche of customer complaints. A large number of deliveries have gone missing over the weekend.

What’s your next move?

As Head of Operations, you obviously scramble to figure out what’s going wrong, so you immediately ask yourself “Is the problem limited to a specific warehouse? Is the problem with a particular courier? Or even a specific product category?”

You take a look at your existing reports and try to find the root cause of the problem, but the complicated interface and the limited information in the dashboards are no help at all.

So you reach out to your data team next because they’re sure to have the answers…except a key person is on holiday and you’re having trouble getting an answer from their backup.

Meanwhile, you’re also frantically fighting fires because angry customers with access to social media are obviously bad news for any company.

An Unmatched Self-Service Analytics Experience

The best way to prevent this all from happening in the first place would have been if you could just find the answers to your questions as soon as you heard about the late deliveries. But instead, you hoped the issue would resolve itself because you knew it would take a long time to get the answers you needed.

What if you could just ask your questions and immediately get the answers from billions of rows of data to identify the root cause of the problem?

Well, that’s precisely what Exasol and Veezoo’s partnership empowers you to do.

Veezoo and Exasol have complementary technologies. Exasol provides a lightning-fast analytics database; this, combined with Veezoo’s ChatGPT-like Self-Service Analytics solution, enables users to simply query their database and receive answers to their questions in seconds.

Seamless Integration

With Veezoo, you can ask your questions directly in plain English and get the answers instantly. Furthermore, Veezoo offers smart suggestions for follow-up questions to guide you in your exploration. It transforms data analysis into an engaging, interactive experience, like that at Valora.

With Exasol as your analytics database and Veezoo acting as your interface, you’ll be able to get the answers to your questions within seconds, just by asking naturally, even with huge amounts of complex data. That’s because the two products work seamlessly together to provide next-level integration that’s built in from the outset. Simply register on Veezoo, choose Exasol as your data source, and that’s it. Flawless, friction-free integration right out of the box.

With our new partnership, you can get accurate results by running your queries across your entire database – even if you have extremely large ones like Piedmont Healthcare, with over 1.8 trillion data points.

Critical Insights Right at Your Fingertips

So in the present scenario, you would not only have been able to answer the question “Which warehouses had the most reports of missing packages?” – you’d have been able to do it in seconds, all on your own.

In fact, Veezoo’s smart follow-up questions would have allowed you to dig deeper simply by asking “Is there a difference across the various product categories?” – just like you would ask your colleague from the data team.

That means you can easily find the answers that would have led you to understand the root cause of the issue. Which, in this case, could be something that would be otherwise hard to spot, such as the shape of the parcels from a particular product category.

Most importantly, you would have figured this out all on your own, in a matter of minutes – without having to wait for your data team.

Flexible Data Analysis

Regardless of how skilled or large your data analytics team is, you can’t predict every possible scenario that your company might encounter, especially in dynamic sectors like logistics. But with a flexible data analysis solution, you can ensure you always have the data you need, when you need it, instead of being overwhelmed by irrelevant information.

The Future of Data Analytics is Here

In the era of advanced AI like ChatGPT, we expect our tools to be able to understand our language, not the other way around. And we expect to get the answers we need…fast

Thankfully the combination of a super-fast database like Exasol and an intuitive Self Service Analytics solution like Veezoo could be the answer you’re looking for. Just visit Exasol or Veezoo to learn more and get started.

About Exasol

Exasol is the no-compromise analytics database that provides increased productivity, cost-savings and flexibility, redefining how businesses use data.

With 20x faster processing, Exasol provides insights in record time, empowering businesses to solve complex problems, become more data-driven and bring innovation to life. Exasol also delivers ROI of more than 300% with reduced licensing, implementation, maintenance and training fees, eliminating cost shock and vendor-lock-in. With Exasol, businesses have flexibility to manage data the way they want – in the cloud, SaaS, on-premises, or hybrid – without rip-and-replace disruption. 
Hundreds of global brands like T-Mobile, Revolut, and Bumble rely on Exasol to innovate, grow and win. Join them – try Exasol for free to experience what no-compromise can do for your organization. 

About Veezoo

Veezoo is the #1 ChatGPT-like Self Service Analytics solution that enables everyone to get actionable insights from their data simply by asking in plain English. 

Founded in Zurich in 2016, as a spin-off from ETH Zurich, Veezoo works with some of the largest companies in the world such as AXA, Zurich Insurance Group, Baloise, and Valora, to expedite their data democratization strategy and foster a data-driven culture. 

Veezoo empowers everyone to make faster, data-driven decisions by making access to information as easy as simply asking for it. Veezoo’s powerful, ChatGPT-like UI eliminates the barrier for non-technical users to get answers from data. Users can simply ask questions in plain English, which are then answered with tailored data visualizations, thereby reducing dependencies on other teams and enhancing productivity.

Veezoo recently won the BARC Start-up Award in 2022 in Analytics & Data Management. BARC is Europe’s leading analyst firm for technology and the successful use of data & analytics.

See yourself how Veezoo can simplify the access to insights from your data.

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