Making Data More Meaningful with the Veezoo Knowledge Graph

Learn how the Veezoo Knowledge Graph bridges the divide between precise data and ambiguous language, empowering business users to extract insights from data easily.

Pragati Basu

October 6, 2023

Too much data, too little time?

We hear you.

Not only do we have too much data on our hands today, but the terms we use to define varied aspects of business, such as revenue and customers, often lack precision and can lead to misunderstandings. 

Is our revenue gross, net, or recurring? 

Who exactly are we referring to when we mention customers—new ones, recurring ones, or active ones? 

When talking about orders, are we talking about total orders, completed orders, pending orders, or something else entirely? 

Spoken language can be open to interpretation. Data is precise. How do we bridge this critical gap that is essential for companies to work in a manner that is data-driven?

This is where the Veezoo Knowledge Graph makes its mark, making data meaningful, unambiguous, and most importantly, actionable.

What is the Veezoo Knowledge Graph?

The Veezoo Knowledge Graph is not just another data model; it’s a semi-structured representation of data, describing semantics, acting as a bridge between data precision and language ambiguity. 

To break it down, the Veezoo Knowledge Graph meticulously maps data to concrete business concepts, imparting real-world context and significance to raw information.

This mapping ensures an exhaustive understanding of how various real-world business concepts interconnect and relate to one another, both linguistically and database-wise. For instance, when discussions within your company revolve around ‘customers,’ the Knowledge Graph may clarify that the reference is specifically to ‘active customers’ and not the new or churned ones. This precision facilitates transparent communication throughout the company, fostering a shared language that is versatile enough to incorporate the specific terminology of each business unit.

Most importantly, it helps your company avoid misunderstandings with a clear interpretation of the language.

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Visual representation of How Our Knowledge Graphs Connect Different Metrics

What Sets Veezoo’s Knowledge Graph Apart?

Veezoo’s Knowledge Graph distinguishes itself through several features designed to promote clarity, transparency, and efficiency in an organization’s data management and analytical endeavors:

Universal Glossary Definition:

Veezoo’s Knowledge Graph acts as a lexicon, defining universal, company-wide standard definitions for various business concepts, ensuring consistent understanding and usage across the organization.

While maintaining standard definitions, it permits the inclusion of department-specific business terminology and synonyms, thus embracing the diversity of dialects within a company yet, ensuring that no subtlety of communication is lost. This global glossary allows teams to share a common language, reducing misunderstandings and fostering coherent communication.

Seamless Integration within Your Analytics Workflow:

Veezoo Knowledge Graph is tightly woven into the fabric of Veezoo Analytics, allowing users to grasp the essence of the data every time they encounter a new dashboard. The integration ensures that users never have to second-guess the data—they have direct access to clear, concise explanations right from the charts, enhancing data literacy within the company.

Clear, Digestible Overview of Data:

Veezoo provides a visual representation of the business concepts, rendered in the form of an easily digestible mind map. This visual aid enables users to quickly comprehend the available information and explore the interrelations between different data points, facilitating quicker, more informed, data-driven decision-making.

Transition from Black Box AI to Trustworthy AI:

In the realm of analytics, trust in Artificial Intelligence is paramount. After all, numbers that can’t be trusted pose a pretty big risk for business.

Veezoo limits the application of AI to interpreting questions, not calculating answers, thus transforming the typically unpredictable AI into a transparent, trustworthy entity. The Knowledge Graph acts as a bridge between AI and the intricate data landscape of the company, explaining what Veezoo is computing, the data it’s querying, and the methods of calculation. Users can easily check what has been computed, thereby instilling trust in the AI.

Why Business Teams Trust Our Knowledge Graphs

Business teams rely on the Veezoo Knowledge Graphs because it ensures linguistic clarity, provides a holistic view of data, integrates seamlessly into the analytics workflow, and fosters trust by demystifying AI computations.

Wrapping Up

In an era where data-driven decision-making is indispensable, the Veezoo Knowledge Graph stands out as a tool that not only simplifies data but makes it actionable. By bridging the divide between precise data and ambiguous language, Veezoo ensures that businesses can navigate their data landscape confidently, eliminating misconceptions and fostering a cohesive approach to data interpretation.

See yourself how Veezoo can simplify the access to insights from your data.

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