Veezoo’s Product Hunt Launch

Turning Product Hunt Data into Actionable, Investable Insights

Matt Ward

June 16, 2021

At Veezoo, we believe everyone should be empowered to use data-driven insights to improve their work, productivity, and performance without having to call IT or the tech team and then wait days to get an answer. That’s why we created an ultra-simple, chat based AI interface to enable anyone from the insurance salesman or financial analyst to the ecommerce owner or early stage VC to find their “needle in the haystack” through simple questions, fast answers, and invaluable insights.

In celebration of our launch on Product Hunt, we decided to demo Veezoo for founders, geeks, and investors everywhere by analyzing Product Hunt’s site data to provide interesting, actionable insights – especially for those looking to understand current startup and technology trends. As they say, a rising tide lifts all ships… but it is also hard to make money as an investor or a founder in an overly crowded or hyped market.

To do this (and also show off a bit more what Veezoo can do :), we broke down the analysis into its two core sections: Product Hunt Trends and Insights which include:

  1. Trending Topics on Product Hunt
  2. Other Valuable Product Hunt insights
  3. Tips to Maximize the Success of a Product Hunt Launch

And other popular Veezoo use cases like:

  1. Helping Salespeople to Identify Top Sales and Upsell Prospects
  2. Managing and Optimizing an Ecommerce Store
  3. Turning Marketplace Data into Monetizable Market Trend Reports
  4. Analyzing Government and Research Data for Actionable Insights

Insights and Correlations from Product Hunt’s Data

Sometimes, a picture is worth a thousand words. With that in mind and with the goal of providing investors with an invaluable broad strokes picture of the technological and startup trends/landscape of the past 5+ years (at least in reference to the activity on Product Hunt), we analyzed the various topics/themes we thought venture investors and users would find most interesting.

Here are the results of our analysis (based on the frequency of postings).

NOTE: Be sure to note the scale on each graph as they may vary.

Artificial Intelligence Posts

Let’s say you were an AI/ML focused investor and wanted to track the trends and interest in the AI space since 2015. You could simply ask Veezoo: “How many artificial intelligence posts have there been since 2015?” or “What percentage of posts are about artificial intelligence?” and you’d be shown the following:

Product Hunt Artificial Intelligence posts

As you can see, there has been a pretty consistent increase in postings (and thus, probably AI focused startups and products) since the start of 2016.

If you then wanted to narrow it down still further or get a more recent picture of the market with the top AI posts from 2020, you could ask a follow up question like: “What were the top posts from 2020?”

You’d then be shown the top 2500 results with clickable links, sortable by hunter, number of votes, reviews, comments, post date and more.

Producty Hunt top Artifical Intelligence posts 2020

Which can be a great way to scout the most interesting startups and products or get a feel for the competition. And of course, this methodology can be applied to any of the following topics or verticals to show some of the more interesting sector trends.

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Posts

Veezoo: Augmented and Virtual Reality Posts on Product Hunt

Fintech, Cryptocurrency, and Bitcoin and Posts

Or for crypto traders and financial analysts, it may have been interesting if not downright life changing to have had insight into the frequency of bitcoin and crypto related posts on Product Hunt and other publicly accessible sites/forums in the years leading up to 2020 as a quick look at the price and posting correlation data seems to indicate (ie. as a slightly lagging indicator of demand, and thus, price).

Veezoo: Product Hunt Crypto and Fintech data

Veezoo: Product Hunt Bitcoin post data

Bitcoin price

(PS. Want to gather other useful trading insights like this? You can import any public or private cryptocurrency, public markets, or trading data into Veezoo and easily create similar graphs and valuable models – click here to get started.)

(PPS. Run an exchange or site tracking market prices, caps, and movement? We are always interested in partnerships and would love to chat!)

Drone Posts

Veezoo: Product Hunt Drone posts

Edtech Posts

Veezoo: Product Hunt Edtech posts

Covid-19 Cases from NY Times reporting

Note the major uptick in edtech and remote learning posts since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, especially corresponding to the 1st wave in April, the second wave July/August, and the 3rd (and hopefully final) wave in November/December of 2020.

Want to access this data and more? Click here to access our Product Hunt demo and discover insights for yourself, or setup a call today with one of our customer success specialists to learn more about how Veezoo can help transform your business.

Marketplace Posts

Veezoo: Product Hunt Marketplace posts

Open-Source, Email Newsletter, Alexa Skills, and No Code Posts

Veezoo: Product Hunt Email Newsletter, Open-Source, Alexa Skills, and No Code Posts data

Productivity App Posts

Veezoo: Product Hunt Productivity App posts

Wearables and IoT Posts

Veezoo: Product Hunt IoT and Wearables post data

Other Valuable Product Hunt Insights

But not all Product Hunt’s users are VCs looking for vertical-specific companies to invest in. Instead, many (like us here at Veezoo) are mission-oriented founders, hackers, and startup employees looking to launch their product or service to the world. You’ve got something you want to get out there, and what better way than by sharing your product/passion with fellow geeks and early adopters?

That’s why, for you guys (and ourselves personally), we decided to dig a bit deeper and look, not only at the competitiveness of various verticals/fields, but also at tangible insights for other creators to more effectively launch their products to the world.

For instance, at least in the past (possibly less so today according to a 2021 post by on the Product Hunt blog), the success or failure of Product Hunt launches often came down to the hunter that posted the “find.” If that is true, maybe you want to find the best or most active hunter for your launch. Well, with Veezoo, we can find not only the top Product Hunters, but also filter by year and number of average upvotes to find the best Analytics-focused hunters for 2020/21:

Veezoo: Top Product Hunt Analytics Hunters

Tips to Maximize the Success of a Product Hunt Launch

Or maybe you are wondering which category, day of the week, or time to post your product to minimize competition or maximize your chance of getting featured. Well, it looks like Product Hunt posts from  Tuesday to Thursday get the most average upvotes and  7:01am GMT (12:01am PST) is in fact the best time of day to post.

Product Hunt best weekday to post product launches

Product Hunt best time of day to post

Not sure which category to post your launch in? Here are the top 10 topics with at least 50 posts by average number of upvotes. And based on our research, it takes about 300+ upvotes within 48 hours to be a top product of the day:

Veezoo: Top Product Hunt Categories by Number of Upvotes

Pulling More Value from Your Data – Other Use Cases and Additional Features

We built Veezoo to be a lot more than a tool to analyze forum data. Instead, our aim is to empower businesses and organizations to unlock the potential of their data and their employees by arming them with the insights and guidance they need to better identify top markets, products, prospects, and trends… or any other useful information hidden within their data, all without any complex technical skills required. Simply open your data, ask it a question, and get the answers you need. If you believe great ideas and insights can come from anywhere in the organization and that every employee should be enabled to make independent, data-driven decisions to move the business forward, we’d love show you a little bit more of what Veezoo is capable. To do so, here are some of our most common demos and use cases.

Empowering Salespeople and Unlocking Additional Upsells

For many of our users, analyzing existing customer and prospect data (for instance in insurance, banking, or telcomm) can be a treasure trove to find additional sales and upsell opportunities, like upcoming customer birthdays. What better way for a salesperson at Zurich Insurance to sell a household or life insurance policy than by reaching out to prospects on their big life milestones with the perfect offer to protect their family and future? Who isn’t thinking about life insurance and their legacy when they turn 40, 50, 60 etc…?

If you were an insurance salesperson, you could just ask Veezoo: “Which customers around Zurich don’t have Household Insurance and have an upcoming birthday?” Plus, if lifetime value and customer retention are important for your business, it pays to keep your customers happy. Not sure who to follow up with? Ask Veezoo to “add cancelation risk” and you’ll be shown the following. That way, sales and support can follow up with a personalized phone call or birthday card on a customer’s big day to show just how much your company cares.

Veezoo: Insurance Sales demo

Managing and Growing an Ecommerce Business

Outside of sales and services providers, other power users of Veezoo include many ecommerce brands and Shopify stores (with whom we have a direct integration) looking for additional competitive insights into their business. But unlike most traditional business intelligence software which can only show store owners and marketers simple dashboards with sales, revenue, and inventory data, or things like on time shipping rates and seasonal fluctuations, with Veezoo, ecommerce companies can pull much more from their data with a few simple questions (in addition to the custom dashboards and more seen below).

Veezoo: Ecommerce Dashboard demo

Say for example you wanted to run a promotional campaign around a customer’s birthday or reward your most loyal customers with coupons, birthday cards, or customized memorabilia to keep them coming back. Identifying your super fans is as easy as asking Veezoo to “Show the 10 customers with the most orders in the past month?”

From there, Veezoo displays your most active buyers, which could then be broken down further by zip code, state, or product purchased. What if you we’re running a local store promotion or event and only want customers living in zip code: 94549? With a simple follow up question like: “Only for Customer Zip Code 94549,” you would soon have exactly the customers you’d want to target for your campaign, all without an ounce of programming, complex database queries, or having to call tech support.

Veezoo: Ecommerce Top Customers demo

Marketplaces however, present an entirely different opportunity. In fact, many ecommerce marketplaces use Veezoo to analyze their platform sales and trends and generate insightful, monetizable market reports to offer or sell to their suppliers.

Wine manufacturers and distributors for instance would love to know which wines, vintages, and price points are in peak demand, and with a simple search for: “What are the top selling Chardonnays under $100?,” “Which countries have the highest rated wines?,” or “How many wines are available from each country?,” they can. From this and a compilation of other valuable data insights, suppliers can determine exactly which products to offer and tailor their inventory accordingly – all of which they pay handsomely for.

Veezoo: Ecommerce Wine Top Sellers demo

Veezoo: Ecommerce Top Wine Ratings by Country

Veezoo: Ecommerce Number of Wine Listings by Country

And the same can be applied to any online marketplace, be that automotive, traditional ecommerce, or Airbnb. And if Airbnb wanted to sell insights and market data back to its super hosts to help manage and price their real estate “inventory,” they could offer up actionable, easy to understand data on “The number of listings per neighborhood in Berlin based on room type,” “the average price of said rooms,” or “which listings get the most reviews per month?,” all of which helps their hosts get more bookings and their platform to increase commissions and revenue.

Veezoo: Airbnb Berlin Listings by Neighborhood and Room Type

Veezoo: Airbnb Berlin Listing Map

Veezoo: Airbnb Berlin Listing Prices by Neighborhood and Room TypeVeezoo: Airbnb Berlin Most Reviewed Listings per Month

Research for Governmental and Institutional Organizations

Although there are a myriad of uses for Veezoo in the private sector for companies and organizations use data-driven insights to maximize their bottom-line while minimizing costs and complexity, many researchers and institutions today benefit from the incredibly simplicity of Veezoo to process and present their data and findings.

Let’s take NYC crime for instance and pretend you’re the researcher or advocate tasked with presenting unbiased analysis of the situation and suggesting equitable changes. With a combination of Veezoo’s versatility and our data-derived suggested questions, you could can turn mountains of policing data into simple, understandable insights and visuals like these with a few simple questions.

Veezoo: NYPD Crime and Arrest Data per Month

Veezoo: NYPD Arrest Data by Race and Offense

Closing Thoughts – Simplifying Your Data to Work for You

We built Veezoo to unlock the power of data for enterprises, governments, and individuals everywhere. It shouldn’t take a PhD in machine learning or extensive training in data analytics to uncover insights into the most profitable products and regions for your business, the ideal customers to upsell, the most funded startups and industries on Crunchbase, or the most talked about stocks and companies on Yahoo Finance.

If you believe the same and are interested in empowering your people (be that traders or salesmen looking for a competitive edge, product development and marketing people wanting to better understand the market and customer needs, or large institutions looking to analyze everything from voter turnout, household income, tax and poverty rates, to the status of Covid vaccinations on a state-by-state or country-by-country basis, Veezoo has the perfect laymen’s solution for you. Plus, with numerous built-in integrations with most database architectures, Amazon Redshift, IBM DB2, Microsoft SQL, MySQL, Shopify, the ability to upload excel or csv files, and many more, you are just a few easy clicks away from refining your unusable “data oil” into the fuel your business needs to thrive in the 21st century.

Veezoo in the Cloud

Today, we bring Veezoo to the public in a self-service, cloud version with a subscription model accessible to businesses of all sizes, so we can truly democratize access to information.

You can sign up right now for free, connect your data source like Excel or a SQL database and start asking questions – literally.

See yourself how Veezoo can simplify the access to insights from your data.

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