Veezoo for Data Teams

Powerful. Flexible. Transparent.

Veezoo helps the Modern Data Team in the transformation
to a facts-first culture, enabling data democratization at scale.

Bridge the gap between the language of business and the language of data.

With the Knowledge Graph, data teams can promote a shared language and understanding of the data within your organization.

Your data dictionary with metrics and dimension definitions stay close to where the data is analyzed in Veezoo. And you can define synonyms that map to your preferred company terminology.

Automate your English-to-SQL translation work and let users self-serve.

Encode your knowledge of how to answer valid business questions directly through Veezoo Studio to increase user satisfaction rate, decrease the number of repeated data requests and improve the sharing of knowledge in the data team.

Stop spending time answering simple one-off questions and creating silos of knowledge in your data team. Focus your work on getting the correct data foundation and empower your users to self-serve.

Manage your Data Product like a Product Team.

Understand in-depth how your end users are using your data product. MetaVeezoo provides data teams with the transparency and the insights that analysts need to proactively improve the data experience, rather than relying on reactive support ticket requests.

See in real-time what questions are being asked, what data is requested but not yet available for self-service and whether your dashboards are being used or are just rotting.

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Veezoo Knowledge Graph

One View Over All Your Data

The Veezoo Knowledge Graph allows you to have a unified view of your SQL data without creating new silos.

Connects to any SQL Database

Veezoo works with any SQL database – from databases like MySQL and PostgreSQL to modern cloud data warehouses like Snowflake, Google BigQuery and Amazon RedShift.

No Data Copying. No Silos.

The Veezoo Knowledge Graph is a semantic meta layer that enables Veezoo to know where to find the information in your database and query for it directly using SQL.

Bridge the Gap between Business and Data with VKL

With VKL, you can model your data semantically and make it understandable for Business Users.

Veezoo Knowledge Language (VKL)

Ontology-Oriented Data Modelling

The Veezoo Knowledge Language is a SQL-based modelling language to semantically model your data and get your questions answered.

Because Your Customers are not Strings.

By modelling your data semantically with VKL and our ontologies, you get automatically synonyms, more specialized charts, better question recommendations and pre-defined functions.

Your Data is Flat. The World is Not.

A flat table may be convenient, but it is not natural for a Business User to understand. With VKL, you can model your data in a way that reflects its true meaning, while keeping your schema as it is.

Consistent Definitions using SQL without CTRL+C / CTRL+V

With VKL, you can define your metrics once with SQL and reuse it everywhere, creating a shared understanding of your business company-wide.

Veezoo Studio

The Knowledge Graph IDE

Data Teams need the right tools to manage a modern Natural Language BI system. Now it is here.

Get a Knowledge Graph from your Database in 1-Click.

Create a first version of your Knowledge Graph based on your database in one click, using our existing ontologies from domains like Sales, Project Management, Insurance, Banking and others.

Keep your Knowledge Graph Version-Controlled with Git

Veezoo Studio brings the best practices from Software Engineering to data modelling, so you can have complete control and transparency over your Knowledge Graph.

Get Up to Speed Quickly with Code Completion and Built-In Documentation

Developer Experience is king for us at Veezoo. So with Veezoo Studio, you get smart code completion and documentation at the tip of your finger for a smooth learning experience.

Democratize Your Data

Empower Your Employees

Veezoo makes data exploration easy for everyone.