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Veezoo empowers your company with the ability to act on data quickly – with a simple, flexible and robust system. Built from the ground up with Artificial Intelligence at its core, Veezoo is ready to answer your most pressing questions.


The Information you Need.
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Veezoo makes data accessible and enables everyone to find the information they need instantly and effortlessly.


Create Trust in Data with a Shared Language

Veezoo increases the trust in information by establishing a common understanding of your data among all stakeholders.


Curate Magical Data Experiences Instead of Building Reports.

Veezoo makes data strategic. Focus on curating data and doing advanced analysis while business users self-serve.

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Empower Your Sales Teams to Hit Their Numbers

See what increased efficiency and data-driven insights can do for your sales team.

The Next-Generation Knowledge Platform

With the Veezoo Knowledge Graph, you can leverage your existing data infrastructure, model your data semantically and get quickly up and running in your preferred installation mode.

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“By providing our sales force with an easy and fast way to access the data with Veezoo, they benefit from a professional and efficient support in their daily work.”

“We were impressed by the speed at which data is acquired, by the support this provides for data-driven decisions and by the efficiency gains made.”

“Fast and user-friendly. All important information available, TOP management and sales instrument. We could not work without it anymore”

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