Natural Language: The Key to Democratizing Data Analytics

A data analytics & business intelligence (BI) solution built from the ground up with natural language at its core. Ask questions (in plain English) and get answers in seconds!

Ask your Questions Naturally.

Veezoo was built to understand all the different ways how a person would formulate a question. So with Veezoo, you won’t say “Sort Employee Name by Sum of Sales and Date = 2019-12-25”. Just ask “Which employee sold the most last Christmas?”. You know. Like a human would.

How many orders do we have with young customers across regions?

Who are the 3 sales reps with most meetings this week?

How many active users did we have each month vs. target?

Dive Deeper by Asking Follow-Up Questions.

Finding insights is about going deeper and deeper in your analysis. But for Traditional BI, this means losing yourself deeper and deeper in a maze of endless, nested menus and predefined drill paths. With Veezoo you can just ask or choose from one of many intelligently recommended questions.

Veezoo Smart Suggestions:

Save Recurring Questions and KPIs to Beautiful Dashboards.

Do you have questions you want to track every day? Just save them to your own board and share them easily with other individual team members or complete groups of users.

Try Veezoo with your own Data

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A Cloud-Native Solution

Whether you are looking for a fully managed SaaS or a Private Cloud solution, we got your back.

Security & Governance

Enterprise-Grade Security

Control the access to your data and keep it safely where it belongs.

Authenticate Users Seamlessly

Set up user authentication, either using Veezoo’s native username/password option or using more robust mechanisms like LDAP, SAML etc.

Control your Users’ Access to Veezoo and Data

Limit what your users can see to only what they are allowed to. With Veezoo, you have the flexibility to define row-level authorization schemes and also create roles for your users with specific permissions

Keep Your Database Safely Where It Belongs

Your data keeps under your control and you can provide secure access to it for Veezoo, including whitelisting Veezoo IPs, encrypting SSL transmissions and connecting to databases via SSH tunnel.

Democratize Your Data

Empower Your Employees

Veezoo makes data exploration easy for everyone.