Level-Up Your Cloud CRM with ChatGPT-Like Embedded Analytics

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Why ChatGPT-Like Analytics is the Game-Changer You’re Looking For

Looking to make your platform more accessible, faster, and intuitive?

Say goodbye to the challenge of balancing functionality and complexity while handling numerous requests for additional reports.

With our advanced ChatGPT-like embedded analytics, users can easily find and analyze data within your CRM software, eliminating the need for exporting to external tools or relying on other teams.

Experience a significantly improved UX that increases user satisfaction, product engagement, and adoption rates. Imagine your users effortlessly interacting with data using natural language – just like chatting with a friend. With real-time insights and KPI monitoring, users can make informed decisions on the fly, driving efficiency and productivity.

ChatGPT-Like Embedded Analytics Enables

User-Friendly Engagement & Adoption

Boost your product engagement metrics with a user-friendly, ChatGPT-like interface that helps users become operational from day 1 and takes flexible reporting to the next level.

User engagement increases with embedded analytics
Increased user engagement differentiates from competition

Stay Ahead of the Competition with a Cutting-Edge UX

No complicated pivot tables and jungle of dashboards: Stand out with a chat function that turns data questions into actionable analytics using natural language.

Quick & Easy Integration for Fast Go-to-Market

Effortlessly incorporate Veezoo’s embedded search into your platform in just days, ensuring minimal impact on your development timeline and fast go-to-market.

easy deployment for embedded search by Veezoo
Collaboration made easy with Veezoo's Embedded Search

Focus on your Core and Let us Handle Your Self-Service Analytics

Redirect crucial development resources to improve your product’s core features, setting your team up for long-term success, while benefiting from our new analytics features.

Unlock New Revenue Streams 

Increase your upsells with a top-notch analytics UX that entices users to choose higher-tier plans, generating additional revenue streams.

Why Users Love embedded analytics - Veezoo
White-label and customize with Veezoo's Embedded Search

Customize and White-Label

Personalize Veezoo’s embedded analytics platform to match your CRM’s branding and style with a fully integrated experience that feels native.

Secure and Multi-Tenant Analytics

Keep your data where it is and ensure that your customers see only what they are allowed to see, leveraging your authorization and business logic in a scalable way.

Secure and scalable solution - Veezoo embedded search

Build Vs Buy

The great build vs. buy debate has always been a crucial consideration for CRM providers looking to level up their analytics game. Building robust embedded analytics in-house demands considerable time and resources, which could otherwise be spent on enhancing core product features. 

By opting for our powerful Chat-GPT-based embedded analytics solution, CRM companies can effortlessly elevate their UX, strike the perfect balance between functionality and complexity, and save precious time and energy. So, why reinvent the wheel?

Let Veezoo supercharge your CRM’s analytics, enabling you to focus on what truly sets you apart in the market.

As a CRM provider, you’ll love how Veezoo’s quick and easy integration frees up precious development resources, letting your team focus on core product features.


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