Veezoo: Ask questions. Get Answers!

Discover invaluable insights in your organization’s data.

Completely customizable to meet your organization’s needs. It’s as easy as linking your data and asking questions, literally.

One tool, infinite uses!

From discovering upsell opportunities and analyzing ad spend to managing business operations, tracking shipments, and monitoring employee performance, Veezoo is the all-in-one, ultra-simple tool organization’s trust to empower any employee to ask their data anything to make real-time, data-driven decisions in seconds!

Powering Sales and Marketing Teams

Monetizing Marketplace Data Reports

Managing an Ecommerce Company

Simplifying and Presenting Research Data

Analyzing Market Investment Trends

Simplifying Customer Management

Unrivalled business intelligence trusted by today’s leading companies

What Customers Say?

“Thanks to Veezoo’s conversational solution, our sales partners can quickly and easily find the answers to their many questions – enabling them to serve their customers even more efficiently and effectively.”

Martin Studer – AXA

We were impressed by the speed at which data is acquired, by the support this provides for data-driven decisions and by the efficiency gains made.”

Torsten Warnecke – Basler Versicherungen

Prior to Veezoo, our marketing team could not get all the answers they needed from our sales data in order to adjust to a highly dynamic business environment. Veezoo is so simple to use that it has created a facts-first culture in which everyone can make data-supported decisions in real time.”

Tobias Gunzenhauser – yamo, CEO

Veezoo empowers employees to make real-time, data-driven decisions

Get the most out of your organization’s workforce.