What is the difference between an Explorer and a Creator?


Explorers and Creators are user types. Every organization has at least one Creator. Explorers can view and interact with dashboards and ask unlimited questions. Creators can do everything Explorers can. Furthermore they can create and share dashboards, and optionally administer and configure Veezoo.

What is the difference between an Explorer and a Creator?2021-10-20T14:29:21+02:00

What if I have more questions?


We are happy to answer your further questions per mail.

What if I have more questions?2021-07-29T09:28:46+02:00

Will my data be secure?


Protecting your business data is one of our highest priorities. Data is always encrypted when it is sent over the public Internet. Your database credentials are always encrypted and handled with greatest care in a secure vault. We only store your metadata to perform real-time queries. Furthermore we also offer

Will my data be secure?2021-07-29T09:27:59+02:00
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