Can my co-workers join my Veezoo setup?


Absolutely. You can invite more users over the User Management found in the Settings.

Can my co-workers join my Veezoo setup?2021-10-15T13:47:14+02:00

Can I upgrade or downgrade later?


You can upgrade or downgrade anytime on a monthly plan. Annual plans cannot be downgraded until the end of the billing term but can be upgraded anytime.

Can I upgrade or downgrade later?2021-07-29T09:24:20+02:00

Can I cancel anytime?


Plans can be cancelled at any time. A cancelled plan will not be renewed at the next renewal date.

Can I cancel anytime?2021-07-29T09:24:20+02:00

Are annual plans discounted?


Annual plans are reduced by 20%. Your plan will renew each year on your renewal date unless you cancel your account.

Are annual plans discounted?2021-07-29T09:24:20+02:00

Do you offer pricing for non-profits?


We offer a 20% additional discount off all annual plans. You’ll need to provide information about your eligibility.  Speak to our team for help arranging this discount.

Do you offer pricing for non-profits?2021-07-29T09:24:21+02:00
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