Product Highlights: July 2023

Embedded Analytics, Enhanced Editing Features and an Exciting New Partnership... Dive into our July product updates.

Till Haug

July 31, 2023

💻 Introducing Embedded Analytics

We are proud to announce our flexible and powerful Embedded Analytics feature. Now, you have the power to integrate Veezoo’s conversational, Self-Service Analytics interface directly into your software or portal. The robust security, permission, and multi-tenancy architecture ensures that your users or customers only have access to what they’re allowed to see.

Check out our guide on how to integrate Veezoo with your application.

🖱 More Point-and-Click Editing

In our commitment to deliver the best possible self-serve experience, we have added our point-and-click editing feature in more places. It allows for modifications to an answer directly by clicking on the relevant filters such as entities, booleans, dates, and more.

⚡ Exciting Partnership: Veezoo + Exasol

Veezoo has established a technical partnership with analytics database provider, Exasol. Together, our goal is to bring you a lightning-fast ChatGPT-like Self-Service Analytics solution that delivers actionable insights with speed and precision. Read more about our partnership here.

Experience Lightning Fast ChatGPT-like Self Service Analytics with Veezoo & Exasol

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