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What is Embedded Analytics

Everyone’s talking about embedded analytics, but what is embedded analytics, really?

According to Gartner, Embedded analytics is a digital workplace capability where data analysis occurs within a user’s natural workflow, without the need to toggle to another application.

Embedding analytics into a software allows end users to navigate it with ease and therefore enhances the functionality of that software. Additionally, this also means that you don’t have to build this functionality from scratch and can simply integrate it into your software.

How is this different from traditional BI? 

While traditional BI has its (very important) place, embedded analytics helps to deliver insights within a piece of software or an application. This means users get access to these insights without having to leave the software at all.

Why Choose Veezoo’s Embedded Analytics?

Embedded Analytics and You

One of the biggest challenges product managers face today is functionality vs complexity. Should they add more reports within their software, based on feature requests from their clients, thereby making their product more complex? Or should they focus on ease of use – which also means that functionality takes a hit. One can argue that both of these are very valid concerns.
So what’s the way out?
The answer? Search-based embedded analytics. Software companies can now embed analytics into their product – this means that users don’t need pre-built reports but can explore the data they need and build the reports they want simply by asking for it. This ensures that your users are happy and your software doesn’t get complicated.

Make extracting relevant insights from your data as easy as simply asking for it by using our developer framework to integrate Veezoo into your software. This not only helps users become more efficient, but increases the stickiness and engagement rate of your software.

Embedded Analytics – build or buy?

When deciding whether you should build or buy an analytics solution for your product, there are important points to consider. Is your team’s core competency in creating interactive data analytics experiences? Can you afford getting your team to prioritize building, maintaining, improving and fixing issues for analytics in your software? Is time-to-market important for you or can your customers and prospects continue to wait for it without going for a competitor?

A very common fallacy when adding a new feature into your software is to think that you can just build a first version and you will be done with it. The truth is: bugs and new requirements are always lurking behind every new feature you add. So it is very important to be mindful of what you add and, if it is not your core competency, to buy it instead of building it. When you buy an embedded analytics solution, you are buying all future bug fixes and new features you would never implement by yourself.

This will allow you to deliver the best-in-class analytics experience to your users on a much shorter timeline, freeing up valuable bandwidth to help you focus on other areas of product development, which only your team can build.

Additionally, building analytics into your software is a costly process – this is mainly because it is a deviation from the core competence of the team, which is probably focused on building the best software possible to solve a particular problem in the field of say, accounting or retail. A solution like Veezoo gives you a battle-tested and intuitive embedded analytics experience that you can plug in to your software, saving costs and resources.

Increase Engagement Rates and NPS 

By integrating the embedded analytics within your software, you can provide your end-users with an added layer of flexibility which makes data analytics almost playful and encourages them to dig deeper within their data. Analyzing data to uncover new insights and find answers becomes easier because customers can ask questions in a way that feels natural.

This helps them make smarter decisions that keeps them coming back for more, thereby increasing the stickiness of your software and in turn your NPS.

Added Revenue Channel

Offering analytics inside your software is a great way to make your premium tier more attractive. But that only works if your users don’t get overwhelmed by all the reports available and find what they are looking for. What better way to do that than allowing them to just ask for what they want, like in ChatGPT or Google? We’ve seen over and over how customers that added embedded analytics with Veezoo saw an increase in engagement rate, NPS and ultimately better conversion rates from trial to premium. This not only makes your Customer Success Team happy, it also brings in a new source of revenue that you can count on.

Differentiation from Competition

Take a moment to think about how your competitors are doing analytics in their product. Can you actually tell them apart? Or do they all look the same, trying to tick the checkboxes with a jungle of dashboards?

If you’re reading this, you’re already thinking two steps ahead of your competitors about how to provide a better, differentiated experience to your customers. Not every product manager realizes this, but providing best-in-class analytics can be a source of differentiation, instead of a way to just build what your competitors already have.

We believe in giving users an analytics experience they will want to show to their friends and colleagues. An analytics experience that will inspire them to ask more questions. An analytics experience that will make your software stand out in the crowd of static dashboards and filters.


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